Can Guinea Pigs Be Gay?

Can Guinea Pigs Be Gay

When it comes to homosexuality, this phenomenon is widely seen in both humans and animals. The homosexuality in animals is still a taboo topic, and it’s quite strange, even to this day. However, there is some evidence about numerous mammals displaying homosexual behavior, such as Japanese macaques, some types of beetles, birds, and much more.

But, can guinea pigs be gay? Well… both yes and no. Some male guinea pigs mount on the other male guinea pigs in a sexual way. This behavior is extremely rare, and if it happens, this guinea pig should be neutered so it can’t harm other male guinea pigs. When it comes to showing their dominance, guinea pigs are definitely strange and will do everything in their power to prove that they are dominant. The interesting thing is that female guinea pigs don’t display this kind of behavior, and if a guinea pig can be considered gay, it’s always a male guinea pig.

On the other side, some guinea pigs owners have reported their male guinea pigs mounting each other and engaging in a behavior similar to sexual behavior. While this sounds really strange, it isn’t. In fact, most dominant male guinea pigs tend to show a behavior that includes even mounting on the other guinea pigs, as well as attacking and biting. Those who have seen two guinea pigs fighting, they’ve seen that the fight between two guinea pigs also includes mounting on top of each other.

So, in reality, animals CAN be homosexual? The answer to this question is definitely positive. Some animals display this behavior more often, while some animals don’t display it at all.

What Can Cause This Condition?

Well, that’s an interesting question. Homosexual behavior in rodents can be caused by various hormonal changes. For example, one study proved that oxytocin and dopamine could cause male guinea pigs to exploit their homosexual behavior. The scientists believed that oxytocin and quinpirole (a psychoactive drug) could induce this behavior and thus the test started.

This well-known drug quinpirole is known to produce dopamine-like effects on our brain, and dopamine is known as a hormone of happiness and motivation. As we already know, animals, as well as humans release this hormone during sex in an excessive amount. Does this mean that if a guinea pig receives a higher amount of dopamine, it will have a better sex drive? YES.

As the sex drive increases, a male guinea pig gets an erection, followed by the release of a hormone called oxytocin. Interestingly, a combination of oxytocin and quinpirole (which increases dopamine levels) made male rodents jump even on the other male rodents, as well as female ones. This means that a higher level of dopamine and oxytocin in guinea pigs can induce an enormous sex drive, even when it comes to other male guinea pigs. And when the scientists finished the experiment, those rodents still kept their unusual behavior for quite some time.

So, can rodents like guinea pigs really be gay? Taking a look from the scientific perspective – yes.

Can they naturally develop homosexual tendencies?

It’s quite uncommon, and if a male guinea pig tries to mount the other male pig, it’s usually a sign of dominance.

Lifestyle and Homosexual Habits

Some recent studies say that rodents can develop various habits which depend on the lifestyle of a rodent. The scientists amassed several male and female rodents and formed several groups. The study was about proving that male rodents are more likely to develop homosexual tendencies if they live with less or no sisters. And the result was absolutely stunning.

This study showed that rodents who lived with more sisters tend to become more homosexual than rodents who lived mostly with their brothers. To put it simply, if a rodent spends his time with sisters, he is more likely to become uninterested in female rodents.

As far as rodents who lived with their brothers…well, that’s a different story. Those rodents displayed a significantly higher sex desire towards female rodents. And rodents who spent their life living with sisters didn’t actually care to mount on other females, and not even males. This tells us a completely different story.

The point of this study is to prove that neither hormones or chemicals are at work when it comes to sexual preference. Also, male rodents became uninterested because they lived with their sisters, and not just for being with them in the womb.

Testosterone and Estrogen

Can altering two main male and female hormones change the guinea pig’s sexual orientation?

It’s all about neurotransmitter serotonin which showed a significant relationship with sexual orientation in rodents. An imbalance of serotonin can cause a rodent to become hypersexual. And on the other hands, serotonin is in direct relation to testosterone and estrogen. Studies showed that altering the levels of these two hormones can produce a drastic change in rodent’s sexual behavior.

The interesting thing about this research is that both male and female rodents displayed homosexual behaviors. Male rodents had a bigger tendency of mounting on other male rodents, while the female ones mounted on the other female rodents. But again, this is all a scientific experiment and is unlikely to happen naturally.

Let’s conclude this article with a definitive answer to the aforementioned question.

Can Guinea pigs be gay?

Not really. Although the scientists proved that altering certain hormones and injecting certain chemicals into rodent’s body can have a difference, it won’t happen naturally. And as much as your male Guinea pig mounts your other pigs, regardless of their gender, it’s not a sign of homosexuality.

As we said earlier, Guinea pigs show dominance by mounting on other Guinea pigs or even fighting and biting. Guinea pigs will, in 99.99% percent be heterosexual and displaying a homosexual behavior is still considered an anomaly and something that can’t always be explained.

Clarissa Moolbrock

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