Best Guinea Pig Litter Boxes: A Helpful Guide

Best Guinea Pig Litter Boxes A Helpful Guide

A lot of people that are just starting to considering owning a guinea pig they forget about these litter boxes and everything related to them and they end up being unpleasantly surprised by the mess.

The great news is that the better the litter pan, the less toilet-related problems you are going to experience. We would surely recommend doing your research and picking out the littler box that is going to work perfectly well for your guinea pig.

But what if you simply don’t have enough time for all this research?

After all, there are so many options on the market nowadays that it might seem pretty much impossible to make the right choice.

Do not worry, we will help you with this decision! All you have to do now is choose one out of five litter boxes that will suit your guinea pig’s cage perfectly well.

Take a quick look at our 5 best guinea pig litter boxes and after that continue reading for the detailed descriptions for each one of them.

1. Ware Manufacturing Plastic Scatterless Lock-N-Litter Small Pet Pan

2. Kaytee Hi-Corner Litter Pan

3. Marshall Litter Pan

4. GloednApple Small Animal Hamster Guinea Pig Litter Tray Corner

5. Interpet Limited Superpet Long John Litter Pan

Things About Guinea Pigs and Toilets That You Have to Know

The truth is that you can’t just buy a litter box and assume that your beloved guinea pig will immediately start using it. There are a couple of things about cavies and their ‘toilet business’ that you have to take into consideration first.

All-in-all, guinea pigs go to the toilet a lot. They are really bad at holding everything in. That’s why they can easily poo or pee on you, while you are holding them. Moreover, guinea pigs don’t really have a ‘bathroom’ zone in their cage. They like to go to the toilet where they eat and sleep. That’s just the way things work for these little furry balls.

However, there are a few things about the behavior of a cavy that can help you train it to use a litter box. Usually, guinea pigs tend to go to the toilet in the corners of the cage. So placing a litter box in the corner might be a great start.

Another important thing: guinea pigs tend to use the toilet only in ‘the safe places’. Even if the cavy has never been in the wild, it still has some instincts left. That’s why the guinea pig is convinced that it has to find the safest place to urinate – to ensure that the predators don’t find it through the smell.

What does a guinea pig consider to be ‘a safe place’?

In most cases, those are dark places. If you have been an owner of a cavy for quite a while, you might have already spotted that your guinea pig likes to go to the toilet in the darkest places of the cage. Those can be the little homes or simply a place that is under a cover of some sort.

Now that you know about these guinea pig peculiarities when it comes to using the toilet, you can begin to train the little thing to use its new litter box. Because no matter how good the pan is, if your cavy is not using it – the thing will end up being useless.

How to Train Your Guinea Pig to Use the Litter Box?

  • The first thing that you can do is simply find out where your guinea pig tends to go to the toilet in the cage without the littler box. If it appears to be the same place over and over again, then it might feel logical to place the pan there.


  • You might be lucky and your guinea pig will approach the litter box straight away as soon as you place it in the cage. However, if the cavy seems intimidated by the new object, you can try putting some hay in the litter box. By the way, if the hay smells like urine, for example, then it will be easier for your guinea pig to figure out what the whole deal is about.


  • Place the litter box in a corner and cover that part of a cage with a newspaper or small blanket to create a shadow.


  • You have to bear in mind that there is a possibility that your guinea pig might never learn to use a litter box. In such a case, do not punish the poor thing as it certainly won’t understand the reason. Accept the fact and show love to your guinea pig no matter what.

Everything You Need to Know About Guinea Pig Litter Boxes

When choosing a guinea pig litter box, there are a few things that you have to take into consideration. The pan itself, for example, has to be large enough, so that the cavy can get inside. Moreover, the borders should not be very high.

What should you fill the litter box with?

Well, the majority of owners chooses to fill their pans with paper-based litters. They are not dangerous for the guinea pig and are easy to clean. Wood-based litters, in their turn, can cause some respiratory problems, so stay away from those.

How often should you change the litter?

Of course, it totally depends on how contaminated the box is. However, on average, the littler in the pan should be changed every three days or so. When it comes to washing the whole thing, try doing it every other week so that some smell remains.

5 Best Guinea Pig Litter Boxes

1. “Ware Manufacturing Plastic Scatterless Lock-N-Litter Small Pet Pan”

Ware Manufacturing Plastic Scatterless Lock-N-Litter Small Pet Pan (Colors May Vary)
  • Scatterless Lock-N-Litter Pan That Locks to Prevent Messy Spills
  • Made of Durable, Stain and Odor Resistant Plastic
  • Locks to Cage to Eliminate Overturned Pans and Scattered Litter
  • Plastic Guard and Wire Floor Keep Pets Feet Clean
  • Attaches to Any Wire Cage, Easy to Remove and Easy to Clean

Before buying any litter box make sure to check out the dimensions. In case the pan can fit the cage and fit your guinea pig – go for it. This litter pan has a top metal part that looks like wires. Some owners might think that the thing will be hurting the guinea pig’s feet, but it’s up to the cavy to choose. A lot of fluffy balls still love this model.

Moreover, thanks to the metal wire, the feet of your beloved pet will stay clean and fresh. The litter pan can be easily attached to a wire cage to ensure that it doesn’t turn over. The actual box is made out of a special type of plastic that is durable, odor and stain-resistant.

Check out the current price for “Ware Manufacturing Plastic Scatterless Lock-N-Litter Small Pet Pan” on Amazon.

2. Kaytee Hi-Corner Litter Pan

Kaytee Hi-Corner Litter Pan, Large, Assorted colors
  • Potty training made easy
  • Designed to prevent messes
  • No security locks included
  • 11" long, 20' wide, 9" high
  • Colors Vary - Pink, Green, Blue, and Purple

This is a large option for the owners who have a spacious cage or maybe a few guinea pigs. The design is very smart as the high corner help make sure that nothing spills from the pan, while the low borders make sure that it’s easy for the cavy to actually get in the box.

The plastic that the pan is made of is easy-to-clean, as well as odor and stain-resistant. As an additional bonus, you have the opportunity to choose one out of four bright colors.

Check out the current price for Kaytee Hi-Corner Litter Pan on Amazon.

3. Marshall Litter Pan

Marshall High Back Ferret Litter Pan (Single Pan. Colors May Vary.)
  • Ergonomically designed for the unique habits of ferrets and integrates the best features of Regular and corner pans.
  • A low profile front opening measuring 9 inches wide x 5 inches high and high 7 Inch corners are tall enough for ferrets back.
  • The product is manufactured in United States
  • Color May Vary
  • the best features of regular and corner litter pans

This pan is the perfect symbiosis of a regular and a corner litter box. The low front opening ensures that the cavy can easily get inside, while the high back corner helps everything stay where it’s supposed to stay.

By the way, you can choose the high-back or the lock-on design, depending on what you find will work better for your pet. The high-back model has higher side ‘walls’, so make sure to take that into consideration. The model can be easily hooked up on the cage.

This pan is a great size for those owners who decide to potty train their guinea pig. There is enough room for any kind of manipulation.

Check out the current price for Marshall Litter Pan on Amazon.

4. GloednApple Small Animal Hamster Guinea Pig Litter Tray Corner

gloednApple 1Pcs Pet Small Rat Toilet, Small Animal Hamster Guinea Pig Litter Tray Corner Color Random
  • Size(l*w*h): 23x18. 5x10cm/ 8.97x7. 21x3. 9Inch(approx.)
  • Please measure the size before you purchased it.
  • Material: Plastic, Package: 1Pcs
  • Potty train your small animal, makes the cage easier to keep clean.
  • The ideal size is suitable for baby rabbit, chinchillas, small guinea pigs and Ferret, galesaur or other small animals. Please note that the potty is relatively small, and it isn't fit for adult rabbit or relatively large rats.

This is a small option for the owners who are willing to save space. The model has a wire floor panel that prevents things from getting too messy. The actual plastic is durable, strong and easy-to-clean. Moreover, it is odor and stain-resistant.

Unfortunately, you can’t choose the color of the pan when you’re placing the order. So all you can do is hope for the best.

Check out the current price for GloednApple Small Animal Hamster Guinea Pig Litter Tray Corner on Amazon.

5. Interpet Limited Superpet Long John Litter Pan

Kaytee Long John Litter Pan (Assorted Colors)
  • Features built-in hooks for easy cage attachment
  • The high sides help to prevent messes and litter from scattering outside the cage
  • Helps make potty training easy
  • 11.25" long, 9.5" wide, 7” high
  • Kaytee, formerly Super Pet

This model can be easily attached to the cage with the help of hooks. The pan has a low-entry to make sure that the little guys can easily get in. And tall sides to make sure that everything stays in and doesn’t create a mess.

The model is made out of odor and stain-resistant plastic. Even though this litter pan has the cheapest price, it does the job incredibly well.

Check out the current price for Interpet Limited Superpet Long John Litter Pan on Amazon.

Remember that the most important part about potty training is patience as it might be a long journey. However, now you have a choice of at least 5 best guinea pig litter boxes to help you with that difficult task.