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Can Guinea Pigs Eat Beetroot_

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Beetroot? (Benefits, Risks, Serving Size & More)

Every guinea pig owner should know that these animals are herbivores which means that they are able to consume only fruits and veggies. Even though guinea pigs are herbivores, that does not mean that they can eat every fruit or vegetable out there. Some fruits and veggies are not good or tasty for them while others are even toxic and unhealthy. The beetroot, for example, is an important veggie for humans, with many health benefits....

Reasons Why Guinea Pigs Are The Best Pets For Kids

7 Reasons Why Guinea Pigs Are the Best Pets for Kids

We often hear that a guinea pig can be a great “starter” animal for a child. But, is that really true? Are guinea pigs good pets for kids? Guinea pigs are definitely good pets for kids, and there are quite a few reasons why this is true. Mainly because these little fluffy pets are relatively easy to take care of. They are gentle and friendly and can live a long life if they are taken...

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Ginger_

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Ginger? (Risks, Nutrition Facts & More)

Guinea pigs are adorable pets, easy to take care of, and incredibly sociable. The trick with guinea pig’s diet is that they eat only plants, fruits, and vegetables. But even when it comes to vegetables and fruits you need to be careful as some of them can present problems for their fragile digestion. In this article, we will talk about ginger. This root-like vegetable is good for humans, but what about our guinea pigs? Is...

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Green Apples_

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Green Apples? (Benefits, Risks, Serving Size & More)

Guinea pigs are fans of most fruits and vegetables. These cute little animals are easy to handle, which makes them one of the most undemanding pets out there. Green apples are considered to be a healthy fruit, but you still need to know whether you can feed them to guinea pigs. Can guinea pigs eat green apples? Guinea pigs can eat green apples, but only as a treat. Green apples are packed with good nutrients...

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Parsley_

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Parsley? (Benefits, Risks, Serving Size & More)

Parsley is an aromatic herb that we use as a spice in many of our meals. This herb is extremely versatile, and we can use it in almost anything, for example, in salads, soups, as a garnish, and much more. In this article, we will talk about parsley as food for the guinea pigs. Our guinea pigs are herbivores, but we still need to know if parsley safe for them. Can guinea pigs eat parsley?...

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Cheerios_

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Cheerios? (Risks, Nutrition Facts & More)

Guinea pigs love to eat and will make cute sounds when they see you coming with food and treats. They will eat everything you give to them, this is why you as the owner need to know what food is safe for your little guinea pig. So, can the guinea pigs eat food that we almost always have for breakfast? Of course, we are talking about Cheerios (branded cereals manufactured by General Mills)! Now, let’s...

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Endive_

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Endive? (Benefits, Risks, Serving Size & More)

Our guinea pigs are herbivores, which means they like fresh vegetables and fruits. They get very excited when they see you carrying a veggie towards their cage, especially some type of green leafy vegetables like endive. Of course, even in nature, some fruits and veggies are not good for the guinea pigs, or in some cases maybe even toxic. In this article, we will explore the option of including endive into guinea pig’s diet. Can...

Can Guinea Pigs Jump_

Can Guinea Pigs Jump and If They Can, How High?

If you are already a proud guinea pig owner you have probably sometimes spotted your beloved guinea pig jumping and twitching or doing something that looks like jumping. This is why it is also perfectly normal to wonder, can guinea pig climb or jump out of the cage? It’s important to know if the cage that you have bought is safe for your guinea pigs or not. After all, if the guinea pig can jump,...

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Ice Cream_

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Ice Cream? (Risks, Nutrition Facts & More)

Everyone loves ice cream. It would be almost impossible to find a single person who would refuse ice cream, especially during summer. Even some pets are fond of such mouthwatering treats, but sadly in most cases, they are not so healthy for them. Most animals have problems with digesting sugars and can even develop additional health issues afterwards. Our pets’ health should always be a priority, so let’s explore can guinea pigs have ice cream...

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Honey_2

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Honey? (Risks, Nutrition Facts & More)

Nature offers many different super-tasty foods. For example, honey is heavenly nectar which has an amazing taste and texture. People that crave for something sweet, can always go for some honey, regardless of what we feel like eating. The honey is such a versatile product, but what about our guinea pigs? Is honey safe for guinea pigs and can guinea pigs have honey in their diet? So, can guinea pigs eat honey? Guinea pigs cannot...