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Guinea Pig Breeds Types, Traits, and Breed Information

Guinea Pig Breeds: Types, Traits, and Breed Information

The time has finally come to adopt a guinea pig. Usually, when people want to get a new pet, the first thing they decide on is the color and after that, they start to think about specific breeds. The less choice you have the easier it is to make a decision. Well, making this decision with guinea pigs is not easy because they have many different breeds and color types.  Also, do you want your...

Short Haired Guinea Pigs

Short Haired Guinea Pig Breeds: Which Breed Is the Best for You?

In the amazingly cute world of guinea pigs, there is an endless variety of short to hairless and from long to curly haired guinea pig breeds. There are many short-haired breeds of guinea pigs and they come in a different variety of colors. All different short haired breeds have their natural history that develops each time in a new way when a new guinea pig is born. Which short haired guinea pig breed is the...

Long Haired Guinea Pigs - What Guinea Pig Breed Should I Get

Long Haired Guinea Pigs: What Guinea Pig Breed Should You Get?

Various guinea pig breeds have considerably longer hair than other breeds. Long haired guinea pigs look beautiful because of their amazing fur, but guinea pigs with such long hair require a lot of grooming. Also, even long hair guinea pigs themselves don’t like their long hair because it compromises their movement and vision. Owning a long haired guinea pig can be a challenge for you, so take some time thinking about what breed you are...

Are Guinea Pigs Really Pigs And Are They Related At All

Are Guinea Pigs Really Pigs and Are They Related at All?

Guinea pigs are one of the most popular pets, especially as pets for children. They are very social animals, they love to be active and one of the most important things is that guinea pigs are affectionate pets to humans and they aren’t hard to take care of. If you own this little pet or if you are planning to buy one, we are sure you’ve always wondered why they are called guinea pigs.  Are...

Which Guinea Pig Gender Is Better_

Which Guinea Pig Gender Is Better? | Gender Differences

So you have decided to get a cute little friend – a guinea pig. But even though you already know what kind of pet animal you want, there are still so many questions that you need to answer! One of the main questions being: Which guinea pig gender should I pick or what breed? Luckily for you, we have already made a helpful guide on guinea pig breeds. If you are having any doubts click...

How do Guinea Pigs Mate

How do Guinea Pigs Mate?

Guinea pig breeding is dangerous: meaning that it should only happen for a good reason and never for fun. There are high mortality rates associated with pregnancy and birth. If breeding two guinea pigs still seems like a viable option, there are several requirements to stick to: Double check their genders by looking above the anus. Males have an O shaped area with a slit or visible testicles. Females have a soft, Y shaped area....

What are Guinea Pigs Native To

Where Are Guinea Pigs Native To?

Guinea pigs are animals that aren’t from Guinea and they aren’t pigs either. So, why are they called guinea pigs and where are guinea pigs native to? Guinea pigs are native to South America, where they live in the wild. These cute little animals usually live in forest edges, grasslands, and rocky areas. Even though we adopted guinea pigs and made them completely domesticated, it’s interesting to know where do they come from. Most of...

How Long Is A Guinea Pig Pregnant

How Long Is A Guinea Pig Pregnant?

The guinea pigs are perfect pets that aren’t needy and are fit for any household. But, if you keep a guinea pig, or think about getting one (or in this case two of different genders), you are surely curious about their mating habits. In case your two guinea pigs mate, it is good to be prepared and informed about the pregnancy and what to expect, in time. How long is a guinea pig pregnant? The...

Can Guinea Pigs and Rabbits Live Together

Can Guinea Pigs and Rabbits Live Together?

Guinea pigs are quite docile and unaggressive. They like learning new tricks and usually don’t cause problems, despite each having a distinct personality. One piggy is happier with another piggy companion. Some say that rabbits are loving, social, intelligent, and unique pets that enjoy living with another of their kind. Others say that they’re mean, destructive, bad-tempered, and unaffectionate beings that don’t care about the humans or animals around them. Either way, both animals enjoy freely...

What Guinea Pig Is Right For Me 

What Guinea Pig Is Right For Me? 

I know a lot of people trying to decide what kind of pet would be great for them. Everybody is worried about whether they would have to spend a lot of time on their pets or how much money the pet owner will be spending on their little friends. Also, every type of pet has a lot of breeds you can choose from.  Particularly, there are dozens of breeds of guinea pigs. In this article,...