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Long Hair Guinea Pigs What Guinea Pig Breed Should I Get

Long Hair Guinea Pigs: What Guinea Pig Breed Should I Get?

Various guinea pig breeds have longer hair than others considerably. Animals with such kind of hair require a lot of grooming. Surprisingly, some guinea pigs themselves don’t like long hair because it compromises their movement and vision. So, what guinea pig breed should I get? If you want to get long-haired guinea pig breed, you can choose from Peruvian, Texel, Silkie, Lunkyara, and Coronet. All these breeds have long hair; they became famous at guinea...

Are guinea pigs pigs and are they related to pigs at all

Are guinea pigs pigs and are they related to pigs at all?

Even if you’ve seen or owned one of these when you were a child, you’ve always wondered why they are called guinea pigs. Well, to answer your question, NO, they’re not a subspecies of pigs, and surprisingly to most of the folks, they don’t come from Guinea. Wait, what? Are they related to pigs at all? That’s exactly how I felt when I found out, so I had to find the answer. When it comes...

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