Best Guinea Pig Pellets: Brand Reviews & Quality Guide

Best Guinea Pig Pellets

If you are a proud guinea pig owner, you should certainly know what your beloved pet needs to eat on a daily basis. But if you want to be the best possible owner to your guinea pig, you should surely choose the best food?

If you’re only thinking about adopting a guinea pig, then especially for you we will start by explaining what are guinea pig pellets. Then we will take a brief look at a guinea pig’s diet. And, finally, we are going to present you the list of the 5 best guinea pig pellets that you can immediately start buying for your guinea pig.

Here is the list for those who are in a rush:

1. Small Pet Select Guinea Pig Food Pellets

2. Kaytee Supreme Diet for Guinea Pig

3. Burgess Excel Guinea Pig Nuggets with Mint

4. Harringtons Optimum Guinea Pig Food

5. Cavy Cuisine Adult Guinea Pig Food (Oxbow)

But make sure to stay tuned, if you want to find out what exactly makes these pellets so good.

What are Guinea Pig Pellets?

Sometimes guinea pig pellets are also referred to as ‘nuggets’, so don’t get confused by that. Basically, it is dried food that you can buy in packs for your cavy. Pellets have been created according to the needs of guinea pigs. That’s why there are a lot of different nutritional elements that will help make sure that your beloved pet is as healthy as it can possibly be.

It is important to give your guinea pig only the pellets created for, well, guinea pigs. Rabbit food does not work for them! So, if you get lazy one day and decide that the dry food for some other animal will do for a while – your guinea pig will surely suffer from that.

By the way, the food that your cutie will need can be divided into two groups: dry food and fruits/vegetables. When it comes to dry food, pellets will do just fine. No need to give your guinea pig anything else. Of course, if we are talking about high-quality pellets that have all the necessary elements.

What Should We Know about a Guinea Pig’s Diet?

The little fellows should always have plenty of fresh hay and water at their disposal. They simply need to chew on something whenever they want to. The fresh water goes without saying.

When it comes to the other part of a guinea pig’s diet, a lot of owners like to experiment. Mainly, because it’s a lot of fun. Guinea pigs have strong personalities and different tastes. Your pet might like one fruit and absolutely hate the other. But once you find out what the cavy is really fond of, you will be rewarded with funny noises and other cute ‘rituals’ that an excited guinea pig will show you.
However, bear in mind that if you are the kind of owner that wants to experiment with food preferences, you have to always remember that safety comes first. Do your research to find out what kind of fruits, vegetables, and other eatable things can be dangerous for the health of your cavy.

When it comes to pellets, it surely is the ‘basis’ of a guinea pig’s diet.
Cavies require around 1/8 cup of pellets per day. But the truth is that guinea pigs rarely overeat, so if you leave some pellets at their disposal at all times, it should be fine. Remember to throw away the old pellets and change them for a fresh portion every day.

Review: Top 5 Best Guinea Pig Pellets to Buy

There are just so many options and brands to choose from nowadays! And you simply don’t have the time and energy to try and figure out by yourself which exact type works better for your guinea pig.
Today we will try to help you with that by narrowing the choice down to five options. But we are pretty much sure that thanks to our detailed descriptions, you will be able to pick the perfect dry food in just a few minutes of time.

In general, experienced guinea pig owners recommend getting the pellets that don’t have nuts and fruit bits in them. Nuts, for example, are high in fat and your beloved pet doesn’t need that at all. Seeds can also be high in fat. But if we’re talking about sunflower seeds, they can be dangerous for another reason. The shell can easily break into dozens of small, sharp pieces that can hurt your guinea pig not only from the outside but also on the inside. Moreover, these pieces can simply get stuck between the guinea pig’s teeth – an incredibly unpleasant situation.

Bear in mind that a lot of brands (especially, cheap ones) try to make their product more colorful and more appealing to the customer. Make sure to not choose the pellets for your cavy based on the color scheme of the mixture or any other unimportant stuff. The bright flakes are usually unnatural and can be dangerous for the health of the animal. If the pellets are boring and brown – don’t worry as they can have a brilliant mixture of nutrients and other great things.

1. Small Pet Select Guinea Pig Food Pellets

Small Pet Select Guinea Pig Food Pellets - 5 Pounds Delivered Fresh
  • The Highest Quality Guinea Pig Food Online Brought To You By Small Pet Select
  • Our Timothy Hay Based Guinea Pig Food Pellets Are Made With Only The Finest Ingredients - Including Our Hand Selected Timothy Hay.
  • These Guinea Pig Pellets Are Fortified with All Essential Vitamins And Minerals Your Guinea Pig Needs To Thrive.
  • Milled in Small Batches And Shipped Fresh Direct (available online only.

These pellets are also available in larger-sized bags (10 lb, 25 lb) which a lot of owners appreciate. Another great thing is that Small Pet is a family-run business based in the USA. They pay extra attention to the quality of the ingredients and you can be sure that every pack had been formed with love. The company uses only local ingredients. And even the package is made in the US (not China).

The actual pellets are Timothy hay based and they are fortified with all the essential minerals and vitamins. Bear in mind that this is a great option for the adult guinea pigs. Timothy hay has less calcium (in comparison to alfalfa). Therefore, the young guinea pigs will simply not be able to get enough minerals with these pellets.

The ingredients are milled in small batches. That means that the product turns out to be as fresh as it can possibly be (a lot of customers noted that). The only downside of these pellets can be the price.

Check out the current price for Small Pet Select Guinea Pig Food Pellets on Amazon.

2. Kaytee Supreme Diet for Guinea Pig

Kaytee Supreme Guinea Pig Food, 5-Lb Bag
  • Natural seeds and grains
  • Kaytee is a Veterinarian Recommended Brand
  • No artificial colors or flavors
  • High quality ingredients
  • Contains Long Lasting vitamin C

This brand has over 150 years of experience! And they have a great strategy – the simpler the better. Remember the ‘ugly’ pellets that we’ve talked about earlier? These pellets really don’t look appealing to a human’s eye. But who cares, if the guinea pigs love them?

Moreover, the pellets are fortified with all the necessary minerals and vitamins (including long-lasting vitamin C). Well, the price of these pellets will surely make you happy.

Check out the current price for Kaytee Supreme Diet for Guinea Pig on Amazon.

3. Burgess Excel Guinea Pig Nuggets with Mint

You have the opportunity to choose either mint or blackcurrant/oregano flavor (sounds fancy). The product is high in fiber (36%) and protected vitamin C (you remember that guinea pigs can’t produce this vitamin on their own, right?). These pellets also contain a natural prebiotic that will be helping your little one with its digestive system. Moreover, the mixture is good for the guinea pig’s coat, skin and eyes. The brand has been recommended by a lot of vets. And the price is practically unbeatable, to be honest.

Check out the current price for Burgess Excel Guinea Pig Nuggets with Mint on Amazon.

4. Harringtons Optimum Guinea Pig Food

Every single pellet contains high-quality ingredients (wheatfeed, oatfeed, grass, apple, grape…) that have been fortified with vitamins and minerals.
Harringtons is also a family-owned business with wonderful core values. The pellets have added vitamin C, an added probiotic (for the digestive system) and phosphorus and calcium (for teeth and bones). The great thing is that every nugget has all these elements in it. So your beloved guinea pig will be getting all the necessary nutrients no matter what.

Check out the current price for Harringtons Optimum Guinea Pig Food on Amazon.

5. Cavy Cuisine Adult Guinea Pig Food (Oxbow)

Oxbow Essentials Adult Guinea Pig Food - 5 lb.
  • ESSENTIAL INGREDIENTS FOR A HEALTHY, ACTIVE LIFESTYLE: Made with high fiber Oxbow Timothy Hay to support healthy digestion
  • SUPPORTS IMMUNE SYSTEM HEALTH: Made with stabilized Vitamin C and antioxidants to support the immune system health of your guinea pig
  • PERFECT FOR PICKY EATERS: Uniform pellets prevent selective feeding
  • FORTIFIED FOOD: Fortified with vitamins and minerals for optimum health
  • VETERINARIAN RECOMMENDED: Formulated with the guidance of top veterinarians and nutritionists

Yep, the price might seem like a little too much, but these pellets have all the necessary elements (vitamin C, an optimal level of calcium and phosphorus). Moreover, the product is high in fiber and low in calories and protein. The users admit that it is the perfect option for the guinea pig’s that suffer from bladder stones.

Check out the current price for Cavy Cuisine Adult Guinea Pig Food (Oxbow) on Amazon.

We really do hope that we’ve managed to make things a bit easier for you.

Remember that every guinea pig has a strong personal taste. And no matter how beneficial a certain brand of pellets might be for its health, the cavy may simply not like the taste. Don’t freak out and panic. You will always be left with at least four other options of amazing guinea pig pellets, right? 😉