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What Are Guinea Pigs Afraid Of_

Scared Guinea Pigs: What Are Guinea Pigs Afraid Of?

If you are a new owner of a guinea pig, it may take you some time to understand your pet’s behavior and mannerisms. Your guinea pig has a variety of ways to show happiness, affection, and even fear. What are guinea pigs afraid of? There are many things that can scare guinea pigs, such as the other animals, loud noises, sudden movements, vet and other people around them, and even in some cases, they can...

When Do Guinea Pigs Sleep

When Do Guinea Pigs Sleep? | Information and Facts

Animals have different sleeping patterns and these patterns are very different depend on if they are predators or not (prey animals). Based on that, there are nocturnal animals that are active at night, diurnal animals that are active during the day and crepuscular animals which are active mostly during the twilight. Guinea pigs are always so happy to play, so they probably made you think „Is my guinea pig ever sleeping?” or „Are my guinea...

Do Guinea Pigs Dream And Can They Have Nightmares

Do Guinea Pigs Dream and Can They Have Nightmares?

Guinea pigs, much like other mammals, need sleep. They sleep for approximately 9 to 12 hours a day. It is important to note that they do no sleep for a few blocks of hours but they usually take short naps through 24 hours. This, in the end, accumulates to 9 to 12 hours of sleep a day. Also, guinea pigs can sleep with their eyes open and their naps are usually around 10 minutes long....

Are Guinea Pigs Smart

Are Guinea Pigs Smart? | Information and Facts

Guinea pigs are one of the most adorable pets that you can adopt. They will not only be there for you to feed them and take care of them, guinea pigs are very affectionate pets and you can also build a great relationship with them. You can make use of their intelligence and learn them some useful stuff that will make both of your lives easier. Are guinea pigs smart animals? Yes, guinea pigs are...

Are Guinea Pigs Trainable_

Are Guinea Pigs Trainable? | Guinea Pig Training

There are many pet animals that can be trained to do some interesting tricks. Dogs are the most popular pets for training, they can jump and run a lot and when compared to our guinea pigs, they aren’t so agile. Still, this does not prevent guinea pigs from being trained, you can always make them learn something new. Are guinea pigs trainable? Yes, guinea pigs are trainable but training them requires lots of practice and...

Are Guinea Pigs Social_

Are Guinea Pigs Social Animals? Information and Facts

Humans are social beings and as much as we want to socialize with our human connections, we also socialize with animals. Some animals are more social than others and we can say that every domesticated animal is quite social. Most animals live in a herd and they are used to social behavior. Now let’s talk about our guinea pigs. Are guinea pigs social? Yes, guinea pigs are social animals and they like to socialize with...

Are Guinea Pigs Allergic To Anything_

Are Guinea Pigs Allergic to Anything? | Information and Facts

Just a decade or two ago, guinea pigs weren’t as famous as they are now and with their popularity slowly rising, people are slowly learning more about these tiny animals. This allowed us to interpret their signs of illness pretty quickly and we now know much more about possible issues than a decade or two ago. But what about allergies, can guinea pigs even be allergic to anything? This topic is very important as most...

Why Do Guinea Pigs Hide

Why Do Guinea Pigs Hide? | Information and Facts

Guinea pigs are fascinating animals and make excellent pets for experienced pet owners and children (with the supervision of parents). While each animal has its own unique personality, hiding is a behavior shared by all guinea pigs.  Guinea pigs have a tendency to hide when you enter the room, when you reach into their cage to pick them up, or just randomly for no reason at all. However, there are very good reasons why this is a...

Are Guinea Pigs Aggressive_

Are Guinea Pigs Aggressive? | Information and Facts

Guinea pigs are adorable and affectionate pets and they are favored by most people because they are relatively easy to take care of and also good starter pets. Another reason for their popularity as a pet animal is their easy-going nature and simple habits. They are not demanding like other pets and you can easily manage them but never give them to kids without supervision. But are they dangerous, can they exhibit aggressive behavior towards...

Are Guinea Pigs Blind_

Are Guinea Pigs Blind and How Good Is Their Eyesight?

Just like many other exotic pet animals, guinea pigs are also prone to some eye diseases. Due to various eye diseases, it is important to track guinea pig’s eye health. Some of the guinea pig eye diseases are more common than others. They sometimes face eye problems due to some other conditions like diabetes, dehydration, respiratory infection and teeth problems. The watery or crusty discharge, cloudy eyes and receding or protruding eyes signal some sort...