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Can Guinea Pigs Run in A Ball

Can Guinea Pigs Run in A Ball?

If you keep a guinea pig or think about getting one, you know one of the essentials is play time. The guinea pigs are prone to socializing and show off emotions and affection, so for them play time is very important. They can bond with you through the toys and games you have with them on the floor. So, do you think of wheels and running balls when you think of guinea pigs? Probably yes,...

Can Guinea Pigs Use Pine Bedding

Can Guinea Pigs Use Pine Bedding?

Guinea pigs are incredibly adorable and budget-friendly pets. Besides food, there is one other essential thing to guinea pigs and that is the bedding. It makes them feel safe and comfy in a nice environment. It is known that guinea pigs in the wild sleep even in ground burrows, but domesticated cavies like the bedding for its ability to retain the heat and keep warmth longer. There are many types of bedding shavings on the...

Do Guinea Pigs Menstruate

Do Guinea Pigs Menstruate?

When it comes to the menstruation, some animals are very similar to humans. The finest example of that is female dogs. When you see some blood coming from their genitals, that means that the estrous cycle is happening. But, do guinea pigs menstruate? The answer to that question is simple – no. Guinea pigs do have an estrous cycle, but it’s displayed quite differently compared to other mammals. Some guinea pig owners reported that they’ve...

Can Guinea Pigs Die of Loneliness

Can Guinea Pigs Die of Loneliness?

If you are an owner of this little ball of happiness, then you have already had a chance to figure out that guinea pigs are extremely gentle and emotional animals. In fact, so many things can stress cavies out. Loud noises, different temperatures, changes in their daily diet… Guinea pigs might start freaking out if you simply move their cage to another place. Yes, these little creatures take a lot of things close to their...

Can Guinea Pigs Throw Up

Can Guinea Pigs Throw Up?

Taking care of our pets is the primary thing, apart from just play time and feeding. Good care of the pet is an essential thing, regardless what kind of pet you keep. Often, owners of guinea pigs wonder what are the signs of a guinea pig being sick or unwell. Normally, these pets are easy to take care of and are not so often in grave health dangers, but can have some minor health issues....

How to Give Guinea Pigs a Bath

How to Give Guinea Pigs a Bath?

Keeping a pet is an easy and enjoyable thing, but it comes with certain obligations. The pet is happy with feeding, housing and bedding, playtime and similar things, but hygiene is the factor neglected by most pet owners. And sometimes it is even overdone, so we must know whether guinea pigs needs or likes taking baths. Of course, they can enjoy the bath time, but you as the owner must know when to give a...

Can Guinea Pig Mites Transfer to Humans

Can Guinea Pig Mites Transfer to Humans?

A guinea pig of any age or gender can catch mites. He/she may or may not exhibit symptoms, depending on the type of mite and the piggy’s sensitivity. Fur mites live and breed on fur, but go onto the skin when they eat. They either penetrate with their mouths and feed on blood plasma, or they sit there and consume dead skin cells. Those that eat the epidermis are usually found on hair follicles. Mites...

Can Guinea Pigs Overeat

Can Guinea Pigs Overeat?

Everyone that likes guinea pigs knows what is the most fun and adorable thing about keeping these rodents as pets. And, of course, that is the feeding time. The guinea pigs munch on many things, mostly fresh produced pellets and hay. But almost every owner or the future owner is concerned with how much do these pets actually eat, or if they can overeat on some foods. Can guinea pigs overeat? Yes, guinea pigs can...

Can Guinea Pigs Fart

Can Guinea Pigs Fart?

In every way, guinea pigs are similar to us humans. The same can be applied to the accumulation of gases in our bodies. If you ever heard a strange sound coming from a guinea pig followed with a smell you probably figured out exactly what happened. Can guinea pigs fart? Of course. Every mammal can fart, including our domestic animals such as dogs and cats. Even horses can fart and if you ever heard a...

How Long Is A Guinea Pig Pregnant

How Long Is A Guinea Pig Pregnant?

The guinea pigs are perfect pets that aren’t needy and are fit for any household. But, if you keep a guinea pig, or think about getting one (or in this case two of different genders), you are surely curious about their mating habits. In case your two guinea pigs mate, it is good to be prepared and informed about the pregnancy and what to expect, in time. How long is a guinea pig pregnant? The...