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Are guinea pigs social?

Are guinea pigs social?

Man is a social animal. As much as we want to socialize with our human connections, we also socialize with animals. But, are guinea pigs social? The answer is that these animals are as social and responsive as any cat or a dog. Guinea pigs live in herds, and they always want companions near them. They thrive best when they are paired or kept in groups. Some people may argue that their guinea pig is happy...

Are Guinea Pigs Aggressive

Are Guinea Pigs Aggressive?

Guinea pigs are adorable and affectionate pets and they are favored by most people for their cuteness. Another reason for their popularity as a pet animal is their easy-going nature and simple habits. They are not demanding like other pets and you can easily manage them with little effort and care. Are guinea pigs aggressive? Aggression in guinea pigs is not very common. However, changes in routine, abode or circumstances can trigger aggression. In case...

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