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Are Guinea Pigs Trainable

Are Guinea Pigs Trainable?

The Guinea pig is one of the cutest animals on the planet, but can you make it learn something new? Oh yeah, Guinea pigs ARE trainable if you are willing to practice and be patient. Guinea pigs, despite being called ‘pigs’, aren’t pigs. In fact, their traits lead us to rodent family Caviidae and the genus Cavia. Many animals that belong to this family are known to be friends with people and although many people...

Are Guinea Pigs Loud At Night

Are Guinea Pigs Loud At Night?

Guinea Pigs can be a tempting choice when it comes to buying pets. They are irresistibly cute and mushy and it’s easy to fall for their innocent charm at the very first encounter. These cute pets can sometimes be loud at night. Are Guinea Pigs Loud At Night? According to The Canadian Federation of Humane Societies, they are actually quiet animals. However, the opposite is true. Even though they don’t create chaos at home, these...

Are Guinea Pigs Blind and How Good Is Their Eyesight

Are Guinea Pigs Blind and How Good Is Their Eyesight?

Just like many other exotic pet animals, guinea pigs are also prone to some eye diseases. Due to various eye diseases, a guinea pig’s health can be affected and some of the eye diseases are more common than others. They sometimes face eye problems due to some other conditions like diabetes, dehydration, respiratory infection and teeth problems. The watery or crusty discharge, cloudy eyes and receding or protruding eyes signal some sort of eye problem....

Are guinea pigs social?

Are guinea pigs social?

Man is a social animal. As much as we want to socialize with our human connections, we also socialize with animals. But, are guinea pigs social? The answer is that these animals are as social and responsive as any cat or a dog. Guinea pigs live in herds, and they always want companions near them. They thrive best when they are paired or kept in groups. Some people may argue that their guinea pig is happy...

Are Guinea Pigs Aggressive

Are Guinea Pigs Aggressive?

Guinea pigs are adorable and affectionate pets and they are favored by most people for their cuteness. Another reason for their popularity as a pet animal is their easy-going nature and simple habits. They are not demanding like other pets and you can easily manage them with little effort and care. Are guinea pigs aggressive? Aggression in guinea pigs is not very common. However, changes in routine, abode or circumstances can trigger aggression. In case...