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Can Guinea Pigs Be Gay

Can Guinea Pigs Be Gay?

When it comes to homosexuality, this phenomenon is widely seen in both humans and animals. The homosexuality in animals is still a taboo topic, and it’s quite strange, even to this day. However, there is some evidence about numerous mammals displaying homosexual behavior, such as Japanese macaques, some types of beetles, birds, and much more. But, can guinea pigs be gay? Well… both yes and no. Some male guinea pigs mount on the other male guinea...

What are Fleas and Can Guinea Pigs Get Fleas

What are Fleas and Can Guinea Pigs Get Fleas?

Even simply thinking about fleas can make you itch. There is absolutely nothing pleasant about these tiny crawling creatures. Unfortunately, if you are a proud guinea pig owner that does not mean that you will be able to avoid fleas. Can guinea pigs get fleas? In fact, just like cats, dogs or any other pets, guinea pigs can be plagued by these tiny bugs. And if such a situation happens, you, as a great owner,...

Can Guinea pigs Catch Human Colds or any Other Human Disease

Can Guinea pigs Catch Human Colds or any Other Human Disease?

Guinea pigs are small and sensitive animals. When they can attract diseases, it is very hard to tell if they are sick or not. This means you need to be very careful around your pet. One of the things you need to know is: Can guinea pigs catch human colds? It depends on the types of disease. Viral infections will not pass from human to animal because they are specific to our biology. However, guinea...

Can Guinea Pigs Close Their Eyes

Can Guinea Pigs Close Their Eyes?

After months of living with my roommate, I have let go of my initial fear of rodents. Her guinea pigs are so cute and sweet, and they love spending time with us. One day, I walked up to their cage to give them their daily treat. Her youngest guinea pig was laying down with her eyes open, so I thought she was awake. When she saw me, she jumped up and ran away. I felt...

Can Guinea Pigs Get Mites and Are They Dangerous for Pets

Can Guinea Pigs Get Mites and Are They Dangerous to Pets?

Mites are tiny parasites that can cause a lot of problems. These insects are so small that it is pretty much impossible to spot them with a naked eye. A question that every guinea pig owner will ask sooner or later is: Can guinea pigs get mites? Unfortunately, yes they can. Moreover, (don’t freak out) your pet can be infested with these creatures for years before you find that out. There are two most commonly...

Do Guinea Pigs Need Shots in Order to Stay Healthy

Do Guinea Pigs Need Shots in Order to Stay Healthy?

So you find guinea pigs adorable and you decided you want to adopt two of them as your pets. You prepared everything you might need – the cage where they will live, the hay beds, the water bottles, the fleece bedding. You want to be a responsible guinea pig owner as much as possible. Now you come to this: How can I make sure my guinea pigs will live healthy lives? Do guinea pigs need shots...

Can Guinea Pigs Change Genders

Can Guinea Pigs Change Genders?

As much as absurd it sounds, many Guinea pig owners talk about Guinea pigs changing their genders. So, can guinea pigs change genders? In reality, Guinea pigs can’t change genders and are born either male or female. However, during their younger days, Guinea pigs are sometimes hard to distinguish as their genitalia aren’t developed to a certain degree. That’s why it’s important not to breed your pig until it gets to a certain age. That...

Can Guinea Pigs Drink Tap Water

Can Guinea Pigs Drink Tap Water?

Tap water is what all of us drink, and it represents water that comes from a piped supply. Depending on the place where you live, Guinea pigs can also drink tap water without any consequences. Many say that tap water contains trails of calcium which can be stored in our kidneys, thus damaging our urinary tract. Well, this is true to some extent, but it’s not always the case. Before we delve deeper into this...

Are Guinea Pigs Hypoallergenic Pets

Are Guinea Pigs Hypoallergenic Pets? 

One of the best things you can do before getting a pet is to make sure you know everything there is to know about the pet and also what responsibility it involves. Whether your pet is hypoallergenic or not is one of the important subjects that every owner must research. What does hypoallergenic even mean? Hypoallergenic is a term that describes if something is less prone to cause allergies.  So, are guinea pigs hypoallergenic? The answer is...

Can Guinea Pigs Cough

Can Guinea Pigs Cough?

Coughing is often regarded as something normal, and it represents a defensive mechanism against foreign bodies in our throat. So, can Guinea pigs cough? Yes. Coughing is present in every living being, and it’s not strange for your Guinea pig to cough from time to time. Usually, animals tend to eat faster than humans, resulting in pieces of food getting stuck in the throat. By coughing, those pieces are ejected from the throat thus preventing...