Are Guinea Pigs Loud At Night?

Are Guinea Pigs Loud At Night

Guinea Pigs can be a tempting choice when it comes to buying pets. They are irresistibly cute and mushy and it’s easy to fall for their innocent charm at the very first encounter. These cute pets can sometimes be loud at night.

Are Guinea Pigs Loud At Night? According to The Canadian Federation of Humane Societies, they are actually quiet animals. However, the opposite is true. Even though they don’t create chaos at home, these rodents are basically loquacious and communicate with each other a lot. The variety of noises they make during the night can sometimes be irritating and disturb your sleep. These innocuous, sweet looking animals can get on your nerves. Guinea pigs can be loud for health reasons and believe it or not even die of loneliness (see how and why in this article).

The sounds they make during the night aren’t that loud or overly noisy but these sounds are so squeaky that you won’t be able to sleep in peace. One common cause of the noise is that guinea pigs are hungry or not happy with their food. Some owners buy guinea pigs without fully understanding which food guinea pig can eat which is why I made a full list of foods that guinea pigs can and can’t eat (150+ Types of Foods). Before you can try to resolve this situation, it is important for you to understand the way they communicate and the meaning of the sounds they make. Be sure to also check our recommended products page for everything you will ever need to assure a happy and healthy life for your Guinea Pigs.

Types of Sounds Guinea Pigs Make During the Night:

Many pet owners don’t take efforts to know about the kind of sounds Guinea pigs make. They never really come to know when their pet is in distress or is excited. Sometimes, these pets just need food to satiate their hunger, for which they make small screechy noises.

If you don’t understand the behavior of your pet, it may cause health problems for the pet. A little effort invested in knowing their ways of communication can save you from lots of hassle. These are the most common sounds you must know that your Guinea Pigs can make.

  • Rumble

This is a low pitch sound with vibration. If you have only one Guinea Pig at home, then you will not get to listen to this sound. The male Guinea Pig generally makes this sound when he wants to woo the female pig for mating. It’s funny to watch how a male pig starts wiggling his hips and starts walking around the female one, and during that time he makes a sound which is called rumbling and the movement is called rumbling strut. The female Guinea Pig makes the same sound when she is ready to mate. Your pets can make these sounds during the night, but these sounds aren’t that loud.

  • Wheeking

The wheeking sound of Guinea Pig is similar to roofing sounds that dogs make. They generally make such sounds when they are hungry. If you have dedicated a specific time for feeding your Guinea Pigs, then they will wheek during that time if you haven’t already served them their meal.

If they watch you coming with food, they will probably wheek out of excitement. Guinea Pigs never make this sound when they are in the jungle. This type of sound is meant for communicating with humans. According to scientists, they learned this sound after domestication.

  • Growling

Growl is the sound Guinea Pigs make when they are in distress and are suffering from pain. They also make this sound when they are afraid of something strange approaching them or when they are in a different environment. Sometimes, this growling sound is directed towards the other Guinea Pig in the cage. In that case, you will need to know the need of the pig to stop this sound. This requirement can be anything ranging from food to wanting to get out of the cage.

  • Teeth Chattering

Whenever your Guinea Pigs are unhappy, angry or agitated; they start making these teeth chattering sounds. This may happen when you introduce a new guinea pig in the cage. Teeth chattering are sounds with which they warn the new guinea pig, so that it doesn’t invade their space.  It’s their way of showing hostility.

  • Purring

This purring sound is very unique and indigenous to Guinea Pigs. You should not confuse it with the purring sound of a cat. They generally make these sounds because they are happy and content. You will get to listen to this sound when you are petting or pampering your pet. On the other hand, if they hear a strange sound or noise; they will make the same sound. The interpretation of this sound depends on the situation.

  • Chutting

Only some Guinea Pigs make these sounds. It’s a form of onomatopoeia or repeated streak of chutting sounds. You will probably never hear this sound as it is rare. They make this sound when they are relaxed, happy and content or when you are petting your pig.

There are some other sounds like whining which is a high-pitched moan and shrieking which it makes at the time of distress.

Ways to Stop Your Guinea Pigs from Making Noise during the Night:

Now that you can identify the noises of your Guinea Pigs and the reason behind each of these sounds, you need to know how to stop them from making such sounds because they can be a nuisance during the night. It’s preferable to ensure that they never make these noises during the night. You can follow these steps to stop them.

  • Keep Fresh Water in the Bowl Before Sleeping

Sometimes your Guinea Pigs can start making noise because they don’t have water to drink during the night. You should always keep a bowl of fresh water in the cage before going to bed. This will keep you absolved of those whining and growling sounds that they can make out of thirst.

  • Always Give Fresh Vegetables to Eat

This is more often overlooked by the owners but let’s face it, your Guinea Pigs are susceptible to sickness. If you give them rotten vegetables, even if it is unintentional from your side, there are chances that they will fall sick and then make that whining sound implicating that they are not well.

  • The Cage

This shall not come as a surprise because of the kind of environment we provide them makes up their mood. So, if the cage is too small, then they will soon start feeling claustrophobic. This feeling will suffocate them and then they will start making that growling sound again. You should put a sheet blanket or a simple woolen sheet to make them feel safe. It’s about providing good hospitality to your adorable pets.

  • Wash them with Shampoo

Your service isn’t over with providing them a good accommodation and serving them good food. You need to ensure that they bathe well. Their unclean body will irritate them and it will cause a sense of grouse in them. So, you need to clean them on a regular basis so that they don’t get frustrated because of the dirt on their body. These pigs clearly want to stay adorable and not dirty.

  • Always Get Two Guinea Pigs of Opposite Sex

These pigs can make a lot of noise if left alone. They always need a partner with them. So, it’s necessary to buy them in pairs to stay exempt from the hassle.

  • Make Them Sleep

Generally, Guinea Pigs don’t sleep as much as humans. However, if they stay awake then they will continue making the noise. The best way to make them sleep and get them accustomed to your life cycle is by giving them snacks before you go to sleep.

You can put some hay and veggies which will make them content for the night and there are better chances that they will fall asleep. This nighttime snack routine will make them habitual when it comes to sleeping in the night but you need to strictly follow this schedule to ensure the same.

  • Keep Them Active

The inactive Guinea Pigs are more likely to become grouchy and more so when you don’t give proper attention to them. You need to keep guinea pigs busy with one thing or the other. This is because once they are active the whole day; they are more likely to take rest during the night, thereby making your night pleasant.

  • The Magic Trick

What will you do if despite ensuring everything mentioned above, the crazy little pets continue their notorious activity by making unbearable noise in the night? In most of the cases, this happens when they are uncontrollably hungry.

There may be some other reasons too, but you can try this trick which rarely fails. You just need to train them. It’s all about communicating with your pet. First of all, keep a bowl of vegetables below your bed.

Once they start making noise, you need to approach their cage. They are certainly not going to stop at this point in time. Thereafter, pick up the bowl and move towards them. Once you reach their cage, open it and start petting them. A time will come and they will stop making that noise. Once they stop, serve them the veggies at that very moment.

Next time, when they make noise, repeat the same magic trick and you will be surprised to know that these Guinea Pigs are intelligent to know that sooner they stop the screechy noise, the sooner they will have their veggies to eat. It’s all about offering them something they can’t refuse.

Guinea Pigs are basically very pleasant pets to keep at home and if you know how to handle their behavior. Knowing and taking care of them accordingly will ensure that you won’t get those growls and whines as a nightmare.