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How Long Do Guinea Pigs Sleep

How Long Do Guinea Pigs Sleep?

It is the best time of the day – it is rest time! Everyone enjoys a good nap, right? Well, our pets love it too, of course. Today we are going to discuss the sleeping patterns of guinea pigs. Surely just the idea of them sleeping makes you feel sweet and adorable! How long do guinea pigs sleep? Guinea pig’s sleep is much different from ours because they don’t sleep for a few hours in...

Guinea Pig Grease Gland Guide, How to Clean and More.

Guinea Pig Grease Gland: Guide, How to Clean and More

If you don’t own a guinea pig and you plan on getting one, you’ve probably heard about the famous grease gland in guinea pigs. This gland is very important in a guinea pig and from my experience, many owners tend to neglect it. This is a crucial mistake, as guinea pig grease gland needs to be cleaned regularly. In case you’re in a doubt and want to know more about it, we have all the...

What Guinea Pig Cage Size Is the Best (Proper Accommodation)

What Guinea Pig Cage Size Is the Best? (Proper Accommodation)

Picking the right cage for your guinea pig is sometimes time-consuming and even though a lot of people usually spend a lot of time thinking about it, they tend to pick a cage that’s too small. But, this is not their fault. Most cages catered towards guinea pigs are way too small. Those cages that are marketed and offered to guinea pig owners are, in most cases, not big enough. Guinea pigs are physically active...

Guinea Pig Price How Much Does a Guinea Pig Cost

Guinea Pig Price: How Much Does a Guinea Pig Cost?

You’re probably sitting there, thinking about how much it would cost you to buy a guinea pig, how much is the cost of keeping one, two or more guinea pigs, etc. If you don’t have the time to read through the whole in-depth analysis, we can assure you that it’s really cheap! In this article, we’ll explain to you how much does a guinea pig cost but also the cost of having a guinea pig,...

Guinea Pig Life Span How Long Do Guinea Pigs Live For

Guinea Pig Life Span: How Long Do Guinea Pigs Live For?

Everyone wants to know how long their pet is going to live for. Before even adopting our pets we all assume that the longer the animal lives, the higher are the chances that it will become a real family member. So, what about a guinea pig life span? And how long do guinea pigs live for? By the way, is there anything that you, as a great owner, can do to ensure that your fluffy...

Guinea Pig Temperature Tolerance Summer and Winter Care

Guinea Pig Temperature Tolerance: Summer and Winter Care

Are you a proud guinea pig owner who lives in a country with drastic temperature changes throughout the year? Then it is essential to figure out how you can keep your fluffy ball of happiness warm during the colder months and cool during the hot time of the year. What is a guinea pig temperature tolerance? What should you know about the summer and winter care? Should you even bother, if guinea pigs are, in...

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Ham (Risks, Facts & More)

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Ham? (Risks, Facts & More)

Here is a fact most of us can agree with – ham is amazing! Ham goes well with everything. This food item is perfect for those moments when we feel lazy to cook, so we choose to make a sandwich, a wrap, toast or something similar. Ham is the meat of an animal that is preserved in special ways like dry or wet curing, with or without smoking it. This is processed meat, so it...

Low Calcium Guinea Pig Food List (13+ Low Calcium Foods)

Low Calcium Guinea Pig Food List (13+ Low Calcium Foods)

We all know that guinea pigs are low-maintenance pets. You don’t have to take the little fellow for a walk two times a day. Moreover, you don’t have to bathe the fluffy ball every week (in fact, you can totally do that only a few times per year). Yep, guinea pigs are amazing pets! However, there are still some things that you have to pay extra attention to. For example, the little guy’s diet. You...

13 Most Toxic Foods for Guinea Pigs...

13 Most Toxic Foods for Guinea Pigs

When you take a look at a tiny animal such as a guinea pig, people often assume that they can eat almost anything. This also has to do with their name because “real” pigs can eat almost anything. Well, this is not true for our small guinea pigs! Despite being huge food lovers, guinea pigs should have their nutrition pretty limited to certain plants and vegetables. You see, guinea pigs were always herbivorous animals, even...

How to Clean a Guinea Pig Cage A Step by Step Guide

How to Clean a Guinea Pig Cage: A Step by Step Guide

You have just welcomed your guinea pig home and you are excited to start your journey together but you suddenly realized that you don’t know the most basic skills – how to clean a guinea pig’s cage? The pet store employee probably has told you to simply clean the cage once it gets dirty, but that doesn’t tell you much. You probably started to wonder how often you should change the litter, scrub the cage...

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