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Can Guinea Pigs Run in A Ball

Can Guinea Pigs Run in A Ball?

If you keep a guinea pig or think about getting one, you know one of the essentials is play time. The guinea pigs are prone to socializing and show off emotions and affection, so for them play time is very important. They can bond with you through the toys and games you have with them on the floor. So, do you think of wheels and running balls when you think of guinea pigs? Probably yes,...

Where Do Guinea Pigs Live in The Wild

Where Do Guinea Pigs Live in The Wild?

Whenever someone mentions guinea pigs, people instantly think of the ‘piggies’ from the Guinea region, right? Well, that is not what guinea pigs are. They are adorable rodents that live quite far from Guinea, which is located in Africa. Everyone that likes cavies, must be curious to know the origins and the name meaning of these adorable pets. Their history and origins are interesting and amazing, and they are more than just modern-pet rodents. Where...

Why Guinea Pigs Bite Their Owners

9 Reasons Why Guinea Pigs Bite Their Owners

It is a well-known fact that all-in-all guinea pigs are gentle and friendly animals. But, of course, there can be situations when even the most docile animals lose their temper. Why guinea pigs bite their owners? You might be a proud owner of a cavy that recently got bitten by his beloved pet. Or you’re just considering adopting a guinea pig and want to know about everything that comes with it. The main thing that...

10 Reasons Why Guinea Pigs Are Good Pets for You

10 Reasons Why Guinea Pigs Are Good Pets for You

Where do we even begin? It looks like you are considering becoming a guinea pig owner. And that is great! Want to know why guinea pigs are good pets? The truth is that there are so many pros! People mainly decide to choose guinea pigs as their pets because these little guys are easy to take care of, are fun to play with and entertaining to watch. A guinea pig has all the chances to...

Why Do Guinea Pigs Wheek

Why Do Guinea Pigs Wheek?

The guinea pigs are very popular pets that often make very adorable sounds. It is normal for these rodents to make various sounds – this is one of their ways of communicating. Apart from the body language, the sounds guinea pigs make have different meanings and are very unique and adorable. This is a language for them, and we as owners should know which sound signifies something because the guinea pig communicates with humans through...

Where are Guinea Pigs Ticklish

Where are Guinea Pigs Ticklish?

Many times when you pet your dog, cat or a guinea pig, you’ll see a different reaction. Some animals love to be petted on the back, some love it on the stomach, and some hate it. But, can you tickle your guinea pig? Definitely no. While your guinea pig might look like you tickle it, it’s actually a general reaction to the petting spot. For example, if your pet shows signs of discomfort, it’s usually...

Why Are My Guinea Pigs Fighting

Why Are My Guinea Pigs Fighting?

Guinea pig owners know the joy and happiness when a cavy is present in the home. However, most guinea pig owners keep just one cavy as a pet and think these pets are indeed the perfect, and calm rodents. And the truth is they are by nature calm and not aggressive, but those that keep more than one guinea pig at home, know the struggle of separating them when it’s needed to avoid further fights...

Where Do Guinea Pigs Like to Be Petted

Where Do Guinea Pigs Like to Be Petted?

One of the greatest pleasures in life is to have a pet by your side. Every pet owner can list the benefits of keeping some sort of animal. The greatest benefit is the bond created especially when the animal is petted. Those that have guinea pigs can swear by this, because guinea pigs are full of personality and love, and want to be petted! However, as with all animals, you have to know how and...

What are Guinea Pigs Native To

Where Are Guinea Pigs Native To?

Guinea pigs are animals that aren’t from Guinea and they aren’t pigs either. So, why are they called guinea pigs and where are guinea pigs native to? Guinea pigs are native to South America, where they live in the wild. These cute little animals usually live in forest edges, grasslands, and rocky areas. Even though we adopted guinea pigs and made them completely domesticated, it’s interesting to know where do they come from. Most of...

Where do Guinea Pigs Sleep

Where do Guinea Pigs Sleep?

Guinea pigs are a bit different type of rodents and as such, they require a fair amount of sleep. However, guinea pigs can’t sleep wherever you want them to and they need a special place for that. ž So, where do guinea pigs sleep? Guinea pigs sleep in the darker space and they use their bedding for that purpose. That means that before you finish your day, you should never leave the lights on since...