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What Is the Best Guinea Pig Bedding Reviews & Bedding Guide

What Is the Best Guinea Pig Bedding: Ultimate Bedding Guide

Guinea pigs are small, fun and lively pets. Even though they are very active and like to play, the guinea pigs spend a lot of time in their cages, so it’s necessary to make sure that they have a lot of space in their cage. It needs to be appropriately fitted with all the stuff required to make your guinea pig happy and healthy. This includes food, water, bedding, and toys (hideouts). One of the...

Guinea Pig Pine Bedding

Guinea Pig Pine Bedding | Can Guinea Pigs Use Pine Bedding?

Guinea pigs are incredibly adorable and budget-friendly pets. Besides food and cage, there is one other essential thing the guinea pigs need and that is the bedding. It creates a nice environment by making them feel safe and comfy. It is known that guinea pigs in the wild sleep even in ground burrows, but domesticated cavies like having bedding for its ability to retain the heat and keep the warmth for longer periods. There are...

Aspen Bedding For Guinea Pigs

Aspen Bedding for Guinea Pigs: Detailed Review and Tips

In the previous article, we talked about best fleece beddings for your guinea pigs. We mentioned that fleece beddings are one of the most popular out there, mostly because they are soft, comfortable, and look good, but they are also machine washable and you can make one by yourself. However, owners also like aspen beddings for their furry friends and because of that, we need to devote a special article for this type of bedding....

Guinea Pig Fleece Bedding.

Guinea Pig Fleece Bedding: Detailed Reviews and Tips

If you have a guinea pig in your house, you already know that they need a lot of space in their cage for playing, eating and sleeping. Some of you sometimes let the guinea pig outside of the cage to roam freely but at the end of the day, a guinea pig enjoys having its own space inside the cage. This is where the bedding comes into the play. Among the guinea pig owners, fleece...

Top 10 Best Guinea Pig Hideouts (TubesTunnels and Caves)

Top 10 Best Guinea Pig Hideouts (Tubes/Tunnels and Caves)

Even though guinea pigs have their own cage, they like having some sort of a hideout where they can sleep and enjoy their quiet time. Guinea pigs are very sensitive animals and as such, their hideout should be there to protect them and make them feel comfortable. Thankfully, there are tons of hideouts available for you to buy. There are so many of them it will be easy to get confused. Let us reassure you...

Top 4 Best Large Guinea Pig Cages to Buy in 2019

Top 4 Best Large Guinea Pig Cages to Buy in 2020

Frankly speaking, it’s relatively difficult to find a large guinea pig cage. Yes, there are plenty of options on the market today. But the truth is that the absolute majority of those cages are way too small for even one guinea pig. Cavies are active and curious animals that need a lot of exercise. And a large cage is something that the little guy simply has to have! To help you out a bit, we...

Top 5 Best Guinea Pig Cages for 2 in 2019 - Detailed Review

Top 5 Best Guinea Pig Cages for 2 in 2020 – Detailed Review

Choosing the perfect guinea pig cage is a tough job, to be honest. After all, this thing is about to become the exact place where your beloved guinea pigs will be spending a lot of time. And you have to make sure that the cage is not only safe and roomy but also cute and cozy. There are so many different options on the market nowadays that you might find it challenging (and even stressful)...

How to Clean a Guinea Pig Cage A Step by Step Guide

How to Clean a Guinea Pig Cage: A Step by Step Guide

You have just welcomed your guinea pig home and you are excited to start your journey together but you suddenly realized that you don’t know the most basic skills – how to clean a guinea pig’s cage? The pet store employee probably has told you to simply clean the cage once it gets dirty, but that doesn’t tell you much. You probably started to wonder how often you should change the litter, scrub the cage...