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Guinea Pigs As Pets_ Are Guinea Pigs Good Pets_

Guinea Pigs as Pets: Are Guinea Pigs Good Pets?

As much as we like dogs and cats, we can’t underestimate having other animals as pets. Guinea pigs are indeed amazing pets and to be honest, there are only a few animals as unique as guinea pigs. These tiny furballs are sometimes neglected as most people immediately decide to have dogs and cats for pets. We want to change this perception of guinea pigs because these tiny pets have so much more to offer in...

What Are Guinea Pigs Afraid Of_

Scared Guinea Pigs: What Are Guinea Pigs Afraid Of?

If you are a new owner of a guinea pig, it may take you some time to understand your pet’s behavior and mannerisms. Your guinea pig has a variety of ways to show happiness, affection, and even fear. What are guinea pigs afraid of? There are many things that can scare guinea pigs, such as the other animals, loud noises, sudden movements, vet and other people around them, and even in some cases, they can...

When Do Guinea Pigs Sleep

When Do Guinea Pigs Sleep? | Information and Facts

Animals have different sleeping patterns and these patterns are very different depend on if they are predators or not (prey animals). Based on that, there are nocturnal animals that are active at night, diurnal animals that are active during the day and crepuscular animals which are active mostly during the twilight. Guinea pigs are always so happy to play, so they probably made you think „Is my guinea pig ever sleeping?” or „Are my guinea...

Guinea Pig Lifespan-How Long Do Guinea Pigs Live For_

Guinea Pig Lifespan: How Long Do Guinea Pigs Live For?

How long animals can live or more exactly certain pets is always a topic of discussion, as it is very hard to find these answers. Also, there is a big difference between wild animals and animals that people have as pets. Pets are protected, they have regular food, attention, owner’ and medical’ care in comparison with wild animals. It’s expected that our pets will live longer than the animals in the wild and everyone wants...

What Is the Best Guinea Pig Bedding Reviews & Bedding Guide

What Is the Best Guinea Pig Bedding: Ultimate Bedding Guide

Guinea pigs are small, fun and lively pets. Even though they are very active and like to play, the guinea pigs spend a lot of time in their cages, so it’s necessary to make sure that they have a lot of space in their cage. It needs to be appropriately fitted with all the stuff required to make your guinea pig happy and healthy. This includes food, water, bedding, and toys (hideouts). One of the...

Guinea Pig Pine Bedding

Guinea Pig Pine Bedding | Can Guinea Pigs Use Pine Bedding?

Guinea pigs are incredibly adorable and budget-friendly pets. Besides food and cage, there is one other essential thing the guinea pigs need and that is the bedding. It creates a nice environment by making them feel safe and comfy. It is known that guinea pigs in the wild sleep even in ground burrows, but domesticated cavies like having bedding for its ability to retain the heat and keep the warmth for longer periods. There are...

Aspen Bedding For Guinea Pigs

Aspen Bedding for Guinea Pigs: Detailed Review and Tips

In the previous article, we talked about best fleece beddings for your guinea pigs. We mentioned that fleece beddings are one of the most popular out there, mostly because they are soft, comfortable, and look good, but they are also machine washable and you can make one by yourself. However, owners also like aspen beddings for their furry friends and because of that, we need to devote a special article for this type of bedding....

How To Wash Guinea Pig Fleece Bedding

How to Wash Guinea Pig Fleece Bedding | Tips and Guide 

Washing guinea pig fleece is an important part of your routine in order to properly care for these little pets. We cannot stress enough how important it is that every pet owner does a little research about their small animal. This does not only prevent a lot of incidents, but it helps the owner to better understand the needs of their pet.  Even a simple thing like washing their bedding if not researched enough can...

How To Make Guinea Pig Fleece Bedding_ _ DIY Guide

How to Make Guinea Pig Fleece Bedding? | DIY Guide

Guinea pigs can sometimes be very sensitive animals. Safe and comfortable bedding is vital for a guinea pig’s health, especially since they stay mostly in the cage. We’d all like to believe that any bedding that’s in the pet store is good for a guinea pig. Sadly, manufacturers are at times more focused on sales than on what’s actually good for guinea pigs. Out of many bedding products on the market, only a few are...

Can Guinea Pigs Live With Chickens

Can Guinea Pigs Live with Chickens? | Potential Problems

Most of the time, guinea pig owners prefer to keep guinea pigs in a pair or simply own just one guinea pig. Guinea pigs are very social animals and they don’t love to live alone. So it’s very important that your guinea pig has a companion in your home because they can even get sick or develop diseases due to the stress caused by loneliness. You can make different living accommodations, two or more female...