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Where Do Guinea Pigs Like to Be Petted

Where Do Guinea Pigs Like to Be Petted?

One of the greatest pleasures in life is to have a pet by your side. Every pet owner can list the benefits of keeping some sort of animal in their home by their side. The greatest benefit is the bond created especially when the animal is petted. Those that have guinea pigs can swear by this because guinea pigs are full of personality and love, and they really want to be petted! However, as with...

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Grapes (Benefits, Risks, Serving Size & More)

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Grapes? (Benefits, Risks, Serving Size & More)

Grapes are succulent fruits that are enjoyed by everyone all over the world. They are sweet and tasty, but are grapes safe for the guinea pigs? A good pet owner will do some research first before feeding his pet any type of food. Can guinea pigs eat grapes? Yes, guinea pigs can eat grapes. They enjoy having grapes as a treat. However, just like with any other fruit, grapes should be administered in moderation. Grapes...

Can Guinea Pigs Drink Out Of A Bowl 

Can Guinea Pigs Drink Out Of A Bowl? 

Guinea pigs are really sensitive little animals and you have to take into consideration a lot of things they need in their life before getting one for yourself. One of the questions you will ask yourself is if guinea pigs can or cannot drink out of a bowl. So, can guinea pigs drink out of a bowl? Yes, the majority of the guinea pigs can drink out of a bowl, especially if they used to...

Do Guinea Pigs and Cats Get Along

Do Guinea Pigs and Cats Get Along?

I have always wanted a guinea pig, but I couldn’t get one because I had a cat. I was afraid that the little guinea pig might get hurt but I started doing my research and eventually, I found out how to get a cat and a guinea pig to get along. So, the question is – do guinea pigs and cats get along? Cats are usually friendly with guinea pigs and they can get along...

Why Are My Guinea Pigs Fighting

Why Are My Guinea Pigs Fighting?

Guinea pig owners know the joy and happiness of having a cavy present at home. However, most guinea pig owners keep just one cavy as a pet and think these pets are indeed the perfect and calm rodents. The truth is that they are by nature calm and not aggressive but those that keep more than one guinea pig at home know the struggle of separating them when it’s needed to avoid further fights or...

Can Guinea Pigs Die of Loneliness

Can Guinea Pigs Die of Loneliness?

If you are an owner of this little ball of happiness, then you have already had a chance to figure out that guinea pigs are extremely gentle and emotional animals. In fact, so many things can stress them out. Loud noises, different temperatures, changes in their daily diet… Guinea pigs might start freaking out if you simply move their cage to another place. Yes, these little creatures take a lot of things close to their...

10 Things You Need to Know Before Getting a Guinea Pig

10 Things You Need to Know Before Getting a Guinea Pig

Although guinea pigs have a reputation for being fun and loving pets, it may take time for them to trust you. This is why in order to successfully bond with them there are certain things you need to know. This information is necessary for everyone’s happiness. How to bond with your guinea pig? You can bond with your guinea pig by providing safe spaces, being often around and interacting with the guinea pig, this way...

Guinea Pig First Aid Kit 23 Essential Items & How to Make

Guinea Pig First Aid Kit | 23 Essential Items & How to Make

A first aid kit is always handy, whether it’s for humans or animals. With the first aid kit, you can always treat some type of health condition, whether it’s a simple or more complex one, before the vet or the doctor arrives. When it comes to the first aid kit for a guinea pig, it’s a great way of helping your little furry pet. But, I feel obligated to mention that the first aid kit...

How to Tame a Guinea Pig – 7 Simple Things You Need to Do

How to Tame a Guinea Pig – 7 Simple Things You Need to Do

As we all know, guinea pigs are very socialized animals. They are great with people and even with other animals. But, when a new animal enters your home, it tends to be less social and in some cases, you’ll need to tame it in order to make it feel safe and secure within your space. It can happen with every animal, whether it’s a cat or a very dominant dog, every animal will struggle a...

Guinea Pig Tricks 7 Adorable Tricks to Train Your Guinea Pig.

Guinea Pig Tricks: 7 Adorable Tricks to Train Your Guinea Pig

Thinking that it’s impossible to train any other animal besides dog is wrong. Almost every animal is trainable. For example, you can train a cat but it will learn tricks slower, yet it’s still trainable. Dogs are truly one of the smartest domestic animals but so are guinea pigs. Guinea pigs are very friendly, nice, and love companionship. For that reason, guinea pigs can very easily learn new tricks, even the most complex ones. In...