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Where Do Guinea Pigs Like to Be Petted

Where Do Guinea Pigs Like to Be Petted?

One of the greatest pleasures in life is to have a pet by your side. Every pet owner can list the benefits of keeping some sort of animal. The greatest benefit is the bond created especially when the animal is petted. Those that have guinea pigs can swear by this, because guinea pigs are full of personality and love, and want to be petted! However, as with all animals, you have to know how and...

What are Guinea Pigs Native To

Where Are Guinea Pigs Native To?

Guinea pigs are animals that aren’t from Guinea and they aren’t pigs either. So, why are they called guinea pigs and where are guinea pigs native to? Guinea pigs are native to South America, where they live in the wild. These cute little animals usually live in forest edges, grasslands, and rocky areas. Even though we adopted guinea pigs and made them completely domesticated, it’s interesting to know where do they come from. Most of...

Where do Guinea Pigs Sleep

Where do Guinea Pigs Sleep?

Guinea pigs are a bit different type of rodents and as such, they require a fair amount of sleep. However, guinea pigs can’t sleep wherever you want them to and they need a special place for that. ž So, where do guinea pigs sleep? Guinea pigs sleep in the darker space and they use their bedding for that purpose. That means that before you finish your day, you should never leave the lights on since...

How to Make Guinea Pig Fleece Bedding

How to Make Guinea Pig Fleece Bedding?

Guinea pigs are extremely sensitive animals. Safe and comfortable bedding is vital for a guinea pig’s health, especially since it stays mostly in its cage. We’d all like to believe that any bedding that’s in the store is good for a guinea pig. Sadly, manufacturers are at times more focused on sales than on what’s actually good for a piggy. Out of many options, only a few are suitable. The three most common, reliable choices...

How Do Guinea Pigs Fight With Each Other

How Do Guinea Pigs Fight With Each Other?

Guinea pigs (like humans) are social animals. They need at least one piggy companion to be happy and healthy: meaning that they shouldn’t live alone. However, that doesn’t mean that they’ll accept anybody’s company. There are clear guidelines on how guinea pigs should be paired if an owner wants to bypass hostility. Guinea pigs are fleeing prey animals: therefore, it’s rare to encounter an aggressive piggy. They depend on self-defense mechanisms such as hiding, freezing,...

Can Guinea Pigs Die of Loneliness

Can Guinea Pigs Die of Loneliness?

If you are an owner of this little ball of happiness, then you have already had a chance to figure out that guinea pigs are extremely gentle and emotional animals. In fact, so many things can stress cavies out. Loud noises, different temperatures, changes in their daily diet… Guinea pigs might start freaking out if you simply move their cage to another place. Yes, these little creatures take a lot of things close to their...

What Do Guinea Pigs Sound Like

What Do Guinea Pigs Sound Like? 

You are reading this article, so it means you are interested in your little friend’s behavior and this is something every pet owner should do. If this is not your case, maybe you are doing a little research on guinea pigs because you want to get one or you are just curious. Every animal does a specific sound and those sounds can mean a lot of things. Some of them might mean they are satisfied, others...

Can Guinea Pigs Purr

Can Guinea Pigs Purr?

If you think about keeping a guinea pig, you must be informed about all the essentials – bedding, food, toys and all the rest of fun things. However, there is another adorable thing to know about guinea pigs, and that is the sounds they make. Every owner of guinea pigs knows how interesting and cute these sounds are. Can guinea pigs purr? Yes, guinea pigs can purr and this sound can even resemble the purr...

Can Guinea Pigs Live With Chicken

Can Guinea Pigs Live With Chicken Without Any Problems?

Most of the time, Guinea pig owners prefer to keep Guinea pigs in a pair or simply own only one Guinea pig. But, can Guinea pigs live with chicken? In theory – yes. However, it’s not recommended that these animals live together, as even Guinea pigs and rabbits aren’t going to go well with each other. Having your animals concealed in a single cage or space isn’t going to turn up as a good idea,...

Can Guinea Pigs be Litter Trained

Can Guinea Pigs be Litter Trained?

Training your Guinea pig to pee or poop is a crucial step in pig’s development, but can guinea pigs be litter trained? Absolutely! Many Guinea pig owners know that Guinea pigs are relatively fast learners and are able to learn some basic and non-basic tricks from their owners. In fact, almost every domesticated animal can be trained to a certain degree, especially some type of birds, small animals, and of course – dogs. It’s very...