Boy Guinea Pig Names (500+ Cute, Cool, Funny & Unique Names)

When you feel like you need a new little friend in your life you should probably just get a guinea pig. After just spending one day with a guinea pig you will have a new member in your family and not just a friend. The best feeling after getting a guinea pig is to take the time to choose the perfect name. If you have chosen to adopt a boy guinea pig, there are a wide range of names you can choose from, you should carefully look at these names in order to give a perfect name to your boy guinea pig.

Our list has more than 500 unique, well researched and cute boy guinea pig names. The name should not only be a perfect fit but have some deeper meaning as well. This will take some time if you want to find the coolest boy guinea pig name but, in the end, it will be worth the time.

In order to help you navigate through these names, we listed them using 9 different name themes. Some of these name themes are cute, mythical, Hollywood stars or football, you really have plenty of options on your hands. The secret to choosing a good boy guinea pig name is to observe your pet. Every guinea pig is different, unique and has special needs, likes certain things or different foods. The boy guinea pig name needs to match your little friend’s soul (must be something special).

Every name has a different meaning and I am sure you will find a perfect name for your boy guinea pig using our list. After going through these boy guinea pig names you should make a small list of the names you loved the most and then choose from those top 5 for example. It will be easier for you and all the time you spent on our list will not be wasted!

Now let’s start with our 9 different boy guinea pig name themes!

Simply use our table of content and click on the name theme that you like the most.

Cute Boy Guinea Pig Names

Let’s start with cute names for your little boy. These names are really cute and they are appropriate for almost any boy guinea pig. Keep your eyes open, maybe you will find a perfect cute name for your boy guinea pig.

Noah Henry Daniel
Aiden Gabriel Leo
Isaiah Aaron Landon
Nolan Ian Adam
Evan Abel Amir
King Eric Finn
Flynn Louis Amari
Arlo Prince Cruz
Royal Asa Ares
Bo Ty Adbiel
Dariel Amos Noe
Clay Jamie Ray
Emory Eliseo Leroy
Anson Imran Cedric
Ernest Liam Archie
Nathan Thomas Micah
Smith Bryan Brady
Finley Ali Percy
Luka Edwin Cesar
Andy Shawn Niall
Ibrahimi Winston Elian
Royce Jonas Omari
Pierce Uriel Landyn
Ahmed Justice Isaac
Sincere Cassius Sammy
Sam Lionel Aladin
Alden Alvin Larry
Thomas Koda Castiel
Alonso Emory Aron
Saint Maison Misael
Skylary Cristiano Genesis
Blayke Lake River
Toby Diesel Tyson
Miahni Bayou Dylan
Blue Monty Stantey
Ace Beethoven Earl
Elon Galaxy Ice
Inca Lancelot Nemo
Quip Soldier Flossie
Wink Gabbana Braveheart
Kindsoul KingJames Leonardo
Shakespeare Nicholas


Cool Longhair Boy Guinea Pig Names

If you want to give your boy guinea pig a more “messy” name to match his looks and soul, this is the name list you were looking for. These boy guinea pig names are common but still somewhat unique, these name will sure make a statement: your guinea pig loves to throw a show! You can use a lot of imagination when naming your messy boy guinea pig and I really hope this list can help you.

Owen Levi Lincoln
Eli Easton Miles
Micah Kai Ivan
Jayce Alan Milo
Jay Zane Kyle
Enzo Damien Chance
Lennox Grady Kian
Ronin Rhys Niko
Trey Neil Sylas
Briggs Reese Samir
Otis Kye Alonso
Fox Van Aldo
Billy Cain Lyle
Ira Zahir Kabir
Benton Gus Lucas
Jackson Carter Charles
Hunter Asher Colton
Carson Cole Ashton
Iran Diego Knox
Felix Omar Riley
Iker Samaris Reid
Jett Dante Desmond
Kash Hendrix Major
Ismael Trevor Thunder
Storm Wolf Khalid
Khalil Hugo Remy
Otto Hank Ruzek
Dax Oakley Bruce
Kieran Trenton Taylor
Cannon Luke Callen
Marvel Axton Trey
Hamza Rex Alvin
Lance Severide Melvin
Grey Ramon Hassan
Chaim Magnus Omega
Dash Coen Westin
Kace Zayd Ulises
Dwayne Yehuda Elon
Kalel Tag Buddy
Bear Chico Cash
Chief Dallas Boone
Ferrari Dexter Baxter
Koda Aragog Acorn
Bugs Clint Chase
Captain Dargo Drogo
Fang Falcon Frodo
Gunner Grit Hashtag
Icon Jingles Jinx
Jabba Kipling Muppet
Onyx Poacher Quix
Rico Yorkie Sheriff
Attus Sid Indo
Sharky Isaboo Bart


Royal Male Guinea Pig Names

Names of great kings and princes are also a great fit for male guinea pigs. They are small, quiet but brave and they will always be your best friend and listener when you need them. So, why not give him a royal name to match his heart? Below is our list of great and gorgeous names for your little boy to make him feel special.

Adrian Antony
Edgar Douglas
Edmund Ernest
Edward Francis
Frederick Harold
Geoffrey Leopold
Rupert Alfred
Victor Christopher
George Brice
Indulf Harry


Food Names for Boy Guinea Pigs

Who doesn’t like food? I’m sure you and your little boy love to eat around and relax. Some of the names that I showed so far were cute, royal but why give your boy a name based on food? A food name is different, funny and it would be really funny to name your guinea pig after your favorite food – or his’! Take a look at our list below, I bet you will love some of these food names!

Caramel Bagel Bean
Fondue Dumpling Jelly
Kale Spinach Meatball
Nacho Mochi Oreo
Quinoa Tofu Soda
Brownie Cookie Milka
Dairy Snickers Peanut
Nugget Celery Fig
Melon Mango Plum
Squash Tomato Yam
Goji Mulberry Wintergreen
Biscotti Cakepop Crumble
Croissant Flan Eclair
Pie Scone Shortbread
Toast Waffle Eggroll
Pickley Cheeto Dorito


Flower Names for Boy Guinea Pigs

Yes, your little boy guinea pig can have a flower name, this will make him super special! Flowers are delicate, beautiful and can change a whole landscape because of their form and color. Make your house more colorful by choosing a boy guinea pig name based on a flower!

Aster Blossom
Buttercup Clover
Carnation Dandelion
Garland Lotus
Orchid Marigold (Gold)


Mythical and Unique Male Guinea Pig Names

This name theme is one of the best ones to choose the boy guinea pig name. Mythical names always have a deeper meaning and they are some of the most unique ones – and really gorgeous. This name theme has around 70 names to choose from, all of them have a wonderful meaning – some of the meanings are written after the name. These names are perfect if you want your boy guinea pig to feel like a Greek god!

Adad (Thunder) Aeron
Agni Aias
Ajax (Earth, Land) Alf (Elf)
Alvis (All-Wise) Amen (The hidden one)
Apollo (Strenght) Ara (Handsome king from Armenia)
Ares (Male) Arthur
Atlas Azrael (Angel of Death)
Baltazar (Wise) Bile (Hero)
Cai Casper
Cian (Ancient) Consus (To plant)
Crius Cupid (Desire)
Dagan Damon
Dismas (Sunset) Éber
Dwyn Enki
Etzel Eros
Finn Frey
Ganesha Gemini
Hades (Unseen) Zeus
Hector Iah
Icarus Jam
Jarlo Jupiter
Kay Gaius
Lycus Mars
Manus Nabu
Nilus Oceanus
Oden Osiris
Padma (Lotus) Pan (Protector)
Pluto (Wealth) Poseidon (Lord)
Raiden (Thunder, lightning) Ramiel (Thunder of God)
Ravi (Sun) Saturn
Shiva (Kind) Thor
Uther Merlin
Vena Vulcan (To flash)
Yima Zal (Albino)


Ancient and Medieval (Unusual Guinea Pig Names for Boys)

Ancient and Medieval times gave us such different and gorgeous names. Many of them are forgotten but you can bring them to life by naming your boy guinea pig with one of the names from the list. You have a variety of names to choose from, each one of them with a unique sound and pronunciation. Make sure the name matches your boy guinea pig!

Acacius Adalwin Adolf
Áed Aelfric Agiluf
Ahmose Alaric Albus
Aldwin Alexis Amyntas
Anselm Anso Amis
Blazh Atilius Baggi
Basileios Berard Bion
Caius Cenric Cleon
Cosmas Daw Dmitrei
Dion Draco Dudda
Elric Eudes Einarr
Eusebius Firmin Fabious
Florus Garsea Gorgei
Guarin Haimo Hariwini
Heard Helmut Heraclius
Hero Jacklin Jah
Jehan Ingi Ingo
Isa Junius Jurian
Law Linus Lydos
Lysandros Mislav Moimir
Mamo Marinus Maximus
Menes Milo Noll
Ninoslav Nereus Nero
Nikon Odo Olvir
Olympos Philon Pipin
Randel Rotislav Sans
Slavomir Stace Taki
Thales Theron Vlad
Wyot Titus Zuan


Hollywood Stars Names for Male Guinea Pigs

Do you spend a lot of time watching movies? What about choosing a boy guinea pig name based on a Hollywood Star? Open your imagination, there are loads of names to choose from! You can either give your guinea pig a full name of the star or only the first one or the second, it is up to you!

Tom Cruise Keanu Reeves Downey Jr.
Tom Hardy Christian Bale Zac Efron
DiCaprio Paul Walker Denzel
Adrien Brody Bradley Cooper Morgan Freeman
Tom Hanks Johnny Depp James Franco
Eddie Murphy Jim Carrey Jackie Chan
Jude Law Owen Wilson Will Smith
Stallone Charlie Hunnam Sam Claflin
Timberlake George Clooney Van Diesel


Football Stars Names For Boy Guinea Pigs

Are you a football fan? If so, you found the perfect name list for your boy guinea pig. These are some of the most famous football names!

Note: Don’t get offended if the name of your favorite football player is not on the list. This list is here just to give you an idea for a name.

Messi Ronaldo
Iniesta Pirlo
Casillas Neymar
Ozil Ramires
Moutinho Pepe
Bonucci Felix
Péle Maradona
Piqué Bale
Beckham Rooney


Hope these 9 different name themes will help with your search of a perfect boy guinea pig name!

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