Girl Guinea Pig Names: 500+ Cute, Cool, Funny & Unique Names for Females

The process of getting a pet is always a great experience, you are not only choosing a pet but a lifetime friend. Guinea pigs are the type of pets that will turn you into a happy person, as they are small, super cute, easy to pet and great listeners. There is always a range of products to choose when it comes to guinea pigs: type of food, giving them the best cage and excellent life, but the name is really also important because this name is going to stick with you for years.

Your cute guinea pig girl deserves to have a fabulous amazing name; cute, royal or even mythic – use your imagination! If you picked a female guinea pig, you came to the right place because here you are going to find your perfect girl guinea pig name. With over 300 names in our detailed list, it will take some time to find the perfect name for your little guinea pig pet. Trust me, in the end, this will all be worth your time because you are going to find the name that really suits your girl guinea pig character.

Between our ten different name themes, we will offer you the most simple, unique, different and special names for your cute girl!

Simply use our table of content and click on the name theme that you like the most.

Enjoy this whole process and do not worry you will find the perfect name!

Cute Girl Guinea Pig Names

Let’s start with cute guinea pig names for our girls. These are more of unique princess names for your girl guinea pigs, these names sound lighter, unique and delicate. If your girl is calm, spoiled, likes to hang around with you and to receive cuddles, this list is for her. From typical girl names to forgotten ones, you will find a wide range of cute names for your girl piggy.

Ava Mia Strawberry
Ella Mila Aria
Luna Lillian Hazel
Leah Sky Star
Eva Ivy Daisy
Coco Moon Sun
Juliet Evie Ariel
Joy Felicia Winter
Perla Queen Zoe
Elina Lottie Ivy
Angel Rain Snow
Dairy Alma Chiara
Chica Christa Cindy
Cristal Sea Dee
Bee Elise Esme
Harriet Harmonia Kiki
Beau Kitty Lacey
Luz Lyric Belle
Wangi Glory Snowflake
Elsie Ayn Finn
Harley Shadow Vene
Bay Bijou Blair
Erin Maggie Sammy
Sunny Lady Jewel
Sydney Fluffy Pixie
Wavy Boo Shay
Daenerys Cassei Mykonos
Rosabella Berlin Roma
Paris Emma Gabriela
Maria Aries Autumn
Beanie Birdy Chrissy
Gucci Honey Kono
Waris Prissy Indigo
Mirabelle Leandria Celestia
Daria Fishy Mariah
Chicago Dream Almary


Unique Princess Names for a Girl Guinea Pig

Of curse, you may want to give a more royal name to your girl guinea pig and trust me there are also options for that. Choosing one of the following names will make your little girl guinea pig friend feel like the Queen of the World and really it is so much fun to have a guinea pig queen in your own home. It’s also a great way to honor someone who you looked up to, like maybe Princess Diana.

Charlotte Elizabeth Anneliese
Genevieve Isabella Grace
Serenity Valentina Arianna
Diana Brielle Mary
Jasmine Agnes Edith
Matilda Ida May
Sibyl Victoria Aspasia
Aura Iesha Jael
Marian Saxa Tiara


Cute Longhair Girl Guinea Pig Names

Messy hair, messy soul! If your girl guinea pig likes to make a show, the following names are a perfect fit.  Sassy, funny and adorable at the same time! Let her wild spirit reflect on her name.

Olivia Riley Messy
Stella Lucy Cora
Quinn Piper Alexa
Ximena Esther Molly
Parker Eloise Trinity
Remi Jayla Malia
Olive Tallulah Anita
Abby Alessia Chyna
Corinne Chita Crocetta
Cyan Daiva Dallas
Deb Demi Julia
Devora Elva Bali
Java Gypsy Hatty
Becky India Jaclyn
Kia Kira Lola
Lucky Lulu Rae
Violet Buffy Dory
Lexi Leia Nova
Daffy Snowball Bambi
Allegria Goretti Oprah
Bandit Buddha Chelsea
Nala Phoenix Sassy
Saskia Kelsey Daysha
Tisha Kenya Vegas
Rufina Eddie Roxy
Dixie Scout Mocha
Trixie Expresso Kona
Messyena Simba Guiomary


Mythic Names for Female Guinea Pigs

Mythology fan? These fabulous names are no longer used but they have such beautiful meanings! Mythology names are the most gorgeous thing ever and, with their hidden meanings, your new girl piggy will feel special and loved. With more than 50 unique guinea pig names, you will have a hard time choosing the best one. To make things easier for you, for some of the names for girl guinea pigs we revealed the meanings of these amazing and unique names.

Aditi (Freedom) Aegle (Glory) Alcippe (Strenght)
Althea (Healing) Amor (Love) Aphrodite (Love, Beauty)
Atlanta Athena Bhumi (Earth, Soil)
Dione Daphne Devi
Eirene (Peace) Erna Fauna
Flora (Flower) Gaia Harmonia
Helle Hermione Indira
Kali Lakshmi Lilith (Of the night)
Maia Medusa Metis (Wisdom)
Neas Ness Nuah
Pandora (All gifts) Priya Selena
Skadi Tara Venus
Yami (Twin) Aino Cassiopea
Doris Emer Evadne (Good)
Flora Io Jaya
Ki Lamia Louhi
Medeia (To Plan) Apate Artemis


Flower Names For Girl Guinea Pig

Spring means flowers start to show themselves after a long and dark winter. If we could, we would have one flower all year long but with that not being a possibility, why not give that power to your girl guinea pig? Flowery names is a beautiful way to honor your new girl guinea pig and, in this case, how cute would it be to give a flower name to your girl piggy? Take a look at our list, there so many to choose from!

Anemone Bee Balm Bellflower
Blazing Star Bluebell Poppy
Cosmos Dahlia Dianella
Primrose Gardenia Heather
Honesty Lilac Lotus
Nymphea Peony Petunia
Primola Silene Sunflower


Biblical Names For Female Guinea Pigs

Biblical names have such a strong meaning. If you are someone who believes in God, then giving your guinea pig a biblical name will be special for you. Having a little guinea pig friend whose name means a lot to you and to your religious life will make you happier!

Adah Apphia Damaris
Edna Lois Lydia
Noa Abra Adina
Agrippa Berenice Bethel
Elisha Eve Galilee
Jezebel Junia Mahlah
Keturah Mehitabel Pehinah
Rochelle Syntyche Tryphena
Yael Tamar Tirzah


Medieval Names for a Girl Guinea Pig

Something old but still absolutely gorgeous. Medieval names have been forgotten and put on the side. However, we are free to use them as we wish and there are some beautiful names that could fit your little guinea pig girl perfectly.

Amice Meggy Royse
Stace Gwen Guinevere
Morgana Amelia Alize
Cecy Dadin Dot
Duua Elicia Eneka
Emerlee Ethel Essylt
Else Fellis Foy
Francesse Garazi Glyke
Gyly Haize Haoys
Helice Hawisa Hida
Imanie Iera Johi
Jeike Karin Katrin
Kea Kypris Lecia
Liest Loreta Lexuri
Letia Lecelin Lyra
Lyveva Mere Miriella
Megge Mahina Map
Mylle Muriel Nereida
Naroa Nekane Nicia
Otilia Oriana Oria
Parezi Patty Paz
Printza Precious Pia
Pilar Parmys Pauee
Quenill Raisa Regana
Resli Rewi Rhene
Rinne Rosalind Sabin
Sely Sol Sibly
Sisley Swale Stina
Tacia Taggy Thaleia
Thebe Thyia Trixie
Urcy Uli Ulia
Uzuri Veleda Ureni
Wea Wybir Wavin
Yda Ydany Ylaria
Yzebel Ysmena Ysane
Xixili Zelai Zuria


Literary Names For a Girl Guinea Pig

If you are a big fan of books, why not pass some of that love to your female guinea pig? Favorite author, a character from a book… Let your imagination help you find the perfect name for your girl guinea pig. On the list of female guinea pig names, we will also give you names of amazing women who changed people’s lives with their writing.

Cinderella Elanor
Lunete Ophelia
(Jane) Austen Virginia (Woolf)
Margaret (Atwood) (Chimamanda Ngozi) Adichie
(Mary) Shelly


Ancient and Vintage Names for a Girl Guinea Pig

Just like the medieval ones, ancient and vintage names are quite unique and different and will be a perfect fit for multi-color guinea pigs. These names are the ultimate “unique but amazing” choices for your female guinea pig.

Amia Abigail Adele
Basilia Aurelia Cassia
Cyra Elizabella Damiane
Ligeia Mahala Paccia
Persis Meriall Minerva
Gwenore Gaynor Galla
Juno Damaris Atarah
Annia Circe Cordelia
Emmeline Eucalia Faye
Jessamine Imogene Mae
Una Verity Vida
Winifred Blanche Marjorie


Food Names for Girl Guinea Pig

 If you are a big fan of food, there are plenty of cute names based on food for your girl piggy. Again, use your imagination. What’s your favorite food? From different types of candy to healthy food and fruit, the choices are almost endless!

Cupcake Milkshake Biscuite
Meringue Oatmeal Candy
Snickers Carrot Celery
Papaya Oreo Pineapple
Watermelon Goji Cheesecake
Eclair Pie Scone
Melon Nectarine Coconut
Hazelnut Cinnamon Raspberry
Peanut Apple Cherry
Pumpkin Berry Kiwi
Nugget Popcorn Cookie
Waffle Plum Lemon
Bean Pea Donut
Mango Nutella Pepper
Cocoa Lima Kale
Banana Walnut Croissant
Flan Toast Shortbread
Mooncake Pancake Crumble
Biscotti Zucchini Yam
Onion Egg Brownie
Shallot Hot Chocolat Gooseberry
Wintergreen Buttercream Pudding


Simple Tips on How to Choose the Perfect Girl Guinea Pig Name

Still, haven’t decided how your girl guinea pig is going to be called?

We have provided you with best girl guinea pig names which are a unique, gorgeous and cute. It is a tough decision, but all you need to do is to observe your little girl guinea pig and see how she leads her life:

  • Is she messy?
  • Is she super calm?
  • Does she have crazy hair?
  • Does she like to sleep all day?
  • Is she always eating?
  • Is she a complete angel?

Ask yourself these questions and you will not choose the wrong name for your girl. Again, you didn’t just get a pet, you got a friend for life so choose wisely and make your little girl guinea pig happy. Feel free to use as much imagination as you want, joining names or changing them. The goal, in the end, is to be satisfied with the guinea pig name you have chosen.

Best of luck!