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What Guinea Pigs Like To Do

What Do Guinea Pigs Like to Do?

The guinea pigs make amazing pets for almost every household. Maybe you already have a guinea pig, or you are thinking of getting one, but the crucial thing is to learn all the things guinea pigs like to do in order to be happy and satisfied. It is very important to understand and learn more about their behavior. What do guinea pigs like to do? Guinea pigs are simple to understand, they like to be...

What Makes Guinea Pigs Happy_

What Makes Guinea Pigs Happy? 

We assume that every single guinea pig owner is very interested in whatever their pet love and we always encourage any pet owners to take time to observe everything they can about their pets. There is no better way to understand your guinea pig and to give him what he wants than observing what he needs with your own eyes.  So, what makes guinea pigs happy? It takes time to understand what makes your guinea pig happy...

Do Guinea Pigs and Hamsters Get Along_

Do Guinea Pigs and Hamsters Get Along?

When it comes to keeping small house pets, everyone associates this with guinea pigs and hamsters, among other small animals. Even more interesting, it is a common belief that these two kinds of pets get along, simply because they look somewhat similar at first glance, and because they are both rodents. Do guinea pigs and hamsters get along? Guinea pigs and hamsters do not get along well and they are not compatible to be housed...

Can Guinea Pigs Be Kept Outside_

Can Guinea Pigs Be Kept Outside? | Equipment And Guide

Guinea pigs are one of the most interesting pets on the planet. They are extremely affectionate, cute and they love to be near humans. We have been getting lots of questions on if guinea pigs can be kept outside and in this article, we are going to discuss that. If you, for some reason, dislike keeping animals inside your home, can you still have a guinea pig? Let’s find out! Can guinea pigs be kept...

Do Guinea Pigs Need Bedding in Their Cage_

Do Guinea Pigs Need Bedding in Their Cage? 

Guinea pigs are small, sensitive pets that come with a lot of responsibility. One of the most important things to know is what guinea pigs need to feel comfortable and safe in their new home. In this article, we are going to talk about guinea pig’s bedding and why it is important for their overall health and happiness. Now, do guinea pigs need bedding in their cage? Yes, guinea pigs need to have some type of...

Can Guinea Pigs Climb to Higher Places_

Can Guinea Pigs Climb to Higher Places?

Guinea pigs are domesticated tailless rodents that usually grow no more than a foot long, weighing in at about three pounds. Their small stature keeps them low to the ground, and their feet are tiny. This appearance doesn’t give much of an indication of their physical abilities. Despite their appearance, it is quite impressive what guinea pigs can do because they can move quite well. So, can guinea pigs climb? Yes, guinea pigs can climb,...

Can Guinea Pigs Get Cold and Can They Live Outside_

Can Guinea Pigs Get Cold and Can They Live Outside?

You may already know that some types of guinea pigs can be found in the wild. If these little guys can spend the whole year living outside, then they surely can’t get cold, right? Well, not quite. The truth is that wild guinea pigs live in countries such as Argentina, Peru, Brazil, and Uruguay. What is the one thing these places have in common? A warm temperature almost all year round. Can guinea pigs get...

Do Guinea Pigs Need A Wheel In Their Cage_

Do Guinea Pigs Need a Wheel in Their Cage and Will They Even Use It?

Guinea pigs are special pets, for sure. This is because they are considered rodents, even if they aren’t exactly. This is the reason people think guinea pigs and rodents (like hamsters for example) have the same needs. There is a lot of discussion about should guinea pigs have the wheel in their cage or not and that is exactly what are we going to talk about in this article. Let’s get straight to the point,...

Do Guinea Pigs Need Baths_

Do Guinea Pigs Need Baths and Do They Enjoy Them?

A clean pet is a healthy pet, and if you are committed to taking care of it, then you must clean them and their environment on a regular basis. Their surroundings are even more important, especially if your pet is living in a cage. You’re running the risk of exposing your guinea pig to bacterial growth, fungal infections, and some nasty diseases if you don’t keep it clean. Do guinea pigs need baths and do...

Do Guinea Pigs Need a Friend in Order to Be Happy and Feel Safe_

Do Guinea Pigs Need a Friend in Order to Be Happy and Feel Safe?

When we hear the term “guinea pig” we usually think of animals used in laboratory experiments and for scientific research. But they are more than just laboratory animals that can be used for experimentation! Guinea pigs are social animals that are really affectionate and every owner gets surprised how close the relationship has become after a few months of having a guinea pig. In this article, we are going to talk about if your guinea...