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Can Guinea Pigs Swim in a Bathtub_

Can Guinea Pigs Swim in a Bathtub?

Have you experienced the classical “full immersion” where someone throws you into a pool so that you can learn how to swim? If yes, then you will know how the guinea pig is going to feel in such circumstances. Most likely scared! Most of the people that get guinea pigs as pets bath them just like anyone used to give baths to their infants. This is wrong! Guinea pigs don’t like water that much and...

What Do Guinea Pigs Need_

What Do Guinea Pigs Need? 9 Essential Things

If you are reading this article, you probably either want to get a little guinea pig as a pet, or you already have one, and you don’t know how to take care of him properly. Whatever the case here we are here to help! Firstly, I have to take the elephant out of the room and say that taking care of a guinea pig is just like taking care of any other pet. It takes...

Are Guinea Pigs Smelly_

Are Guinea Pigs Smelly?

Usually, pets can get very smelly, especially if you don’t take good care of them. Even if they are small and cute, you still need to look after your guinea pigs. Also, they live in quite a limited space, so you are in charge, leaving them with no choice but for you to take care of them. Are guinea pigs smelly? Yes, guinea pigs can get very smelly, mostly because of their hair locks, grease...

Are Guinea Pigs Hard to Take Care Of_

Are Guinea Pigs Hard to Take Care Of?

Thinking of having a guinea pig in your house? Getting any pet always comes with great responsibility. The first thing that you should consider while getting any pet in your home is that you will have to make time for them. They are also living beings and they hate to be alone. Guinea pigs are small creatures and mostly harmless. They are considered a good option especially when you have kids in your house. But,...

How to Take Care of a Guinea Pig for Beginners

How to Take Care of a Guinea Pig for Beginners – 9 Essential Steps to a Happy Pet

Have you decided to get a guinea pig as a pet? It is a great idea! But even though with guinea pigs caring is kept to a minimum, there are still plenty of things that you need to know. In this article, we are going to talk about our nine essential step guide about how to take care of guinea pigs for beginners. Now, let’s jump straight to the guide. How to Take Care of...

Amazing Guinea Pig Facts You Need to Know

50 Amazing Guinea Pig Facts You Need to Know

You are probably looking to have a guinea pig as a pet because you find them cute and because they are harmless! Or you just saw a Guinea pig somewhere and you just want to know more about them. The reasons may be different but all you want to know are some facts about guinea pigs. The very amazing fact about Guinea pig is that it is not a pig and is not remotely related...

How Big Do Guinea Pigs Get A Helpful Size Guide

How Big Do Guinea Pigs Get: A Helpful Size Guide

Before adopting a guinea pig, you certainly need to learn more about the size of these animals. After all, a lot of things that you buy for them depend on the numbers. This is why we have prepared for you our helpful size guide for guinea pigs. How long do guinea pigs grow? Guinea pigs are rodents and that’s exactly why a lot of people assume that they are small, but that’s not exactly true....

What to Feed Baby Guinea Pigs

What to Feed Baby Guinea Pigs? | 30 Amazing Facts

There is nothing more adorable than baby guinea pigs. If you thought adult guinea pigs are cute and adorable, just wait to see their babies! Babies are tiny, much smaller, and much cuter! But, how are these adorable little things called? They are called pups, and they are born after just 2 months of pregnancy. Today we will discuss what to feed baby guinea pigs (good and bad foods for the pups) because they need...

Where Do Guinea Pigs Like to Be Petted

Where Do Guinea Pigs Like to Be Petted?

One of the greatest pleasures in life is to have a pet by your side. Every pet owner can list the benefits of keeping some sort of animal in their home by their side. The greatest benefit is the bond created especially when the animal is petted. Those that have guinea pigs can swear by this because guinea pigs are full of personality and love, and they really want to be petted! However, as with...

Can Guinea Pigs Drink Out Of A Bowl 

Can Guinea Pigs Drink Out Of A Bowl? 

Guinea pigs are really sensitive little animals and you have to take into consideration a lot of things they need in their life before getting one for yourself. One of the questions you will ask yourself is if guinea pigs can or cannot drink out of a bowl. So, can guinea pigs drink out of a bowl? Yes, the majority of the guinea pigs can drink out of a bowl, especially if they used to...