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Can Guinea Pigs Purr

Can Guinea Pigs Purr?

If you think about keeping a guinea pig, you must be informed about all the essentials – bedding, food, toys and all the rest of fun things. However, there is another adorable thing to know about guinea pigs, and that is the sounds they make. Every owner of guinea pigs knows how interesting and cute these sounds are. Can guinea pigs purr? Yes, guinea pigs can purr and this sound can even resemble the purr...

Can Guinea Pigs Live With Chicken

Can Guinea Pigs Live With Chicken Without Any Problems?

Most of the time, Guinea pig owners prefer to keep Guinea pigs in a pair or simply own only one Guinea pig. But, can Guinea pigs live with chicken? In theory – yes. However, it’s not recommended that these animals live together, as even Guinea pigs and rabbits aren’t going to go well with each other. Having your animals concealed in a single cage or space isn’t going to turn up as a good idea,...

Can Guinea Pigs be Litter Trained

Can Guinea Pigs be Litter Trained?

Training your Guinea pig to pee or poop is a crucial step in pig’s development, but can guinea pigs be litter trained? Absolutely! Many Guinea pig owners know that Guinea pigs are relatively fast learners and are able to learn some basic and non-basic tricks from their owners. In fact, almost every domesticated animal can be trained to a certain degree, especially some type of birds, small animals, and of course – dogs. It’s very...

What Guinea Pigs Like to Do

What Guinea Pigs Like to Do?

The guinea pigs make amazing pets for almost every household. Maybe you already have a guinea pig, or you are thinking of getting one, but the crucial thing to think about is all the things this little furry friend likes in order to be happy and satisfied. What guinea pigs like to do? The behavior of guinea pigs is simple to understand, they like to do regular things any pet does. The guinea pigs love...

Do Guinea Pigs Fight with Each Other

Do Guinea Pigs Fight with Each Other?

When keeping two male Guinea pigs, it’s crucial that they get along pretty well, especially if we’re talking about two or three dominant males. In this case, you’re wondering do Guinea pigs fight, the answer to that question is YES. Guinea pigs can fight each other, and it can have serious consequences. Despite being generally sentient and peaceful animal, a Guinea pig who is dominant and wants to have his territory will surely fight. For...

Do Guinea Pigs Dream And Can They Have Nightmares

Do Guinea Pigs Dream And Can They Have Nightmares?

Guinea pigs, much like other mammals, need sleep. But, do guinea pigs dream? The answer to that question is positive! Every mammal dreams, whether it’s a dog, a cat or any other animal. Dreaming is something that usually can’t be interpreted, in terms of the content of a dream. That’s where many people tend to go wrong as they try and interpret what the particular dream means. On the other hand, we can’t interpret Guinea...

Are Guinea Pigs Good Pets

Are Guinea Pigs Good Pets?

As much as we like dogs and cats, we can’t underestimate other animals and pets. Guinea pigs are indeed great pets and to be honest, there are only a few animals as unique as Guinea pigs. While these tiny fur balls seem like useless when compared to dogs and cats, it’s not necessarily like that. Are Guinea Pigs Good Pets? In fact, Guinea pigs are really good pets, and it is straightforward to take care...

What Guinea Pig Cage is the Best

What Guinea Pig Cage is the Best?

Having a Guinea pig isn’t something that will take tons of cash from your pocket, but still, having a high-quality cage is mandatory. What Guinea pig cage is the best? The best Guinea pig cage is the one with the most space. Of course, the size of the cage always depends on the size of a particular Guinea pig, as well as the number of those tiny creatures. If you’re going to have two or...

Are Guinea Pigs Affectionate Pets

Are Guinea Pigs Affectionate Pets?

I’m sure that everybody wants to know everything about the pet they are going to get. Guinea pigs are one of the most popular pets, and I guess most of the animal lovers consider getting a guinea pig. If you would like to know more about their behavior, especially about how affectionate they are, then you are reading the perfect article. Are guinea pigs affectionate pets? Well, the answer depends on the owner’s behavior. So...

What are guinea pigs afraid of

What are guinea pigs afraid of?

If you are a new owner of a guinea pig, it may take some time to understand your pet’s behavior and mannerisms. Your guinea pig has a variety of ways to show happiness, contentment, and even fear. Guinea pigs are a “prey animal,” meaning that they are naturally hunted in the wild by larger predators. They lack the defenses to protect themselves, so that makes them understandably afraid of almost everything. As you bond with...