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Are Guinea Pigs Smelly

Are Guinea Pigs Smelly?

Usually, pets can get very smelly, especially if you don’t take good care of them. Even if they are small and cute, you still need to look after your guinea pigs. Also, they live in quite a limited space, so you are in charge, leaving them with no choice but for you to take care of them. Are guinea pigs smelly? Guinea pigs, these lovely creatures, they can get very smelly, mostly because of their...

What Do Guinea Pigs Eat In The Wild

What Do Guinea Pigs Eat In The Wild?

Wild guinea pigs are found in the grasslands and mountains of Brazil, Peru, Uruguay, and Argentina. They are as cute as their domesticated counterparts. Guinea pigs are also commonly known as cavies and they live from one to four years. Many people wonder what guinea pigs eat in the wild when they have no owner to look after them, where they are their own guardians. What do guinea pigs eat in the wild? Guinea pigs...

Are guinea pigs hard to take care of

Are guinea pigs hard to take care of?

Thinking of keeping a guinea pig in your house? Keeping any pet always comes with great responsibility. The first thing that you should consider while keeping any pet at home is that you will have to make time for them. They are also living beings and hate to be alone. Guinea pigs are a small creature and harmless. They are considered a good option especially when you have kids in your house. But, since they...

How to Take Care of a Guinea Pig for Beginners

How to Take Care of a Guinea Pig for Beginners – 9 Essential Steps to a Happy Pet

Have you decided to get a guinea pig as a pet? It is a great idea! But even though with guinea pigs caring is kept to a minimum, there are still plenty of things that you need to know. In this article, we are going to talk about our nine essential step guide about how to take care of guinea pigs for beginners. Now, let’s jump straight to the guide. How to Take Care of...

Guinea Pig Facts You Need To Know

50 Amazing Guinea Pig Facts You Need To Know

You are probably looking to have a guinea pig as a pet because you find them cute and because they are harmless! Or you just saw a Guinea pig somewhere and you just want to know more about them. The reasons may be different but all you want to know are some facts about guinea pigs. The very amazing fact about Guinea pig is that it is not a pig and is not remotely related...