Guinea Pig First Aid Kit | 23 Essential Items & How to Make

A first aid kit is always handy, whether it’s for humans or animals. With the first aid kit, you can always treat some type of health condition, whether it’s a simple or more complex one, before the vet or the doctor arrives. When it comes to the first aid kit for a guinea pig, it’s a great way of helping your little furry pet. But, I feel obligated to mention that the first aid kit is something you CAN’T rely on completely. If your guinea pig is ill, you can help it with your kit but at the end of the day, you’ll still need to visit the vet.

Before using the first aid kit, you need to educate yourself about common guinea pig health problems and diseases. This requires experience and since you’re probably not a vet, you’ll need the help of one. You can learn a lot about common guinea pig’s health problems from the other articles on our website but for now, we’ll focus on building your guinea pig first kit aid.

Without further ado, let’s see how to make one that has everything you are going to need. If you are looking for an easier solution but with fewer components then you can check RC Pet First Aid Kit or a Rayco Pet First Aid Kit and a bit more pricer option PetMedic Animal First Aid Kit. These first aid kits for pets come with only essentials and they need some additional components if you are going to use them for guinea pigs.

RC Pet Products Pet First Aid Kit
  • Allows you to assist your pets injuries until you can consult a veterinarian
  • Kit organizes supplies and instructions into clear vinyl pockets for easy access
  • Great for your car, house, traveling and more
  • Contents include bandages, gloves, gauze pads, antiseptic and more
  • See full list of contents below
Pet First Aid Kit, Large - 50 Pieces
  • 50 pieces in an organized soft case with handles
  • For emergencies and everyday use
  • Extra room to personalize for your pet
  • Important pet safety information
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You can combine these first aid kits with our component list below and make a really good first aid kit for guinea pigs. Or make this DIY project and start from the beginning using only our list and a tackle box.

How to Make a Guinea Pig First Aid Kit – 23 Essential Items

In this section, we are going to give you a complete list of components you’ll need in order to make a complete guinea pig first aid kit. Now let’s see what you should include in your guinea pig home-made first aid kit:

Guinea Pig First Aid Kit: Most Important Components

Now that you know all the necessary components of your guinea pig first aid kit, we need to take a look at a few important components. The most important one is the vet’s contact. I know, you can always write down the contact number on your phone and you’re good to go. But, if you’re like me, you don’t always carry your phone around. Sometimes, your guinea pig might severely injure itself and you won’t have the time to run to your phone. That’s why sticking a piece of paper inside or outside of the box is a smart choice. Be sure to check the number every month to be sure that it’s up to date.

This way, when you open the box, you’ll immediately see the vet’s number. As mentioned above, this is important because you can’t always remedy the situation without the vet’s advisory. When and IF you patch the wounds up, you can then proceed to call the vet.

Now, some people tend to underestimate the basic components of the first aid kit, which include cotton balls, bandages, scissors, cotton buds, and tape. These are A MUST. You will be able to treat the wound or any kind of problem with some of these components. Be sure to buy all of these and place them inside the box, in the same compartment.

Immediately after these components, it’s logical that you include disinfectants and supplements. Any solution with a low percentage of alcohol should do the trick, for example, a sterile saline solution. It’s great for flushing out and cleaning wounds.

One of the cheapest components of your first aid kit is animal wipes. Animal wipes have very broad use, as you can clean your guinea pig’s ears, eyes, and fur. Finally, you need to treat the skin problems somehow. For that matter, you can purchase a pet-safe skin cream. This cream will help your guinea pig get rid of the itchy skin and fungal infections.

NOTE: Before buying any kind of medicine for your guinea pig, ALWAYS consult your vet. Don’t buy anything on your own, except for components that aren’t going into your pig’s stomach.

Guinea Pig First Aid Kit – Additional Tips

Packing and organizing a guinea pig first aid kit is impossible in an ordinary box. Instead, we opt for a tackle box, which has enough space and will even have more space for additional components, in case you need something else. A tackle box is easy to find and it’s not even that expensive. I mean, their price isn’t anything mind-boggling and for that money, you get to pack all of the necessary first aid components.

This can save your guinea pig’s life, so it’s desirable that you buy one. Whenever you go anywhere with your guinea pig, we recommend that you store the first aid kit with the travel carrier. This will allow you to intervene whenever it’s needed and make your guinea pig feel good until you get to the vet. Our recommended tackle box is – Family Emergency Kit Storage Organizer.

If you don’t travel, you’ll need to store it properly in your home. Be sure to keep it where every member of your family will know its location. A first aid kit should be seen without much effort because sometimes, seconds are important. For example, you can store it somewhere near your guinea pig cage, to associate you with them.

Just a minute ago, in our list, we mentioned a syringe and an oxbow critical care supplement. Because of that, we want to give you an additional tip. You can buy two or three syringes, which you can prepare with oxbow critical care. This will allow you to do the emergency feeding, in case your guinea pig becomes weak or starts losing appetite. As soon as you notice this, it’s crucial that you immediately feed the pig. This is because the guinea pig’s body is prone to slowing down in a matter of 24 hours. Without water or food consumption, it may shut down completely.

Have an oxbow critical care supplement with you all the time. Pour the powder into the bowl, mix it with water, and use the syringe to extract it from the bowl. This is the fastest way to emergency-feed your pig.

Should You Buy a Guinea Pig First Aid Kit?

We have come near the end of the article, so it’s important to answer the question we’ve come up at the beginning. So, is buying a premade guinea pig first aid kit worth it? Absolutely. In my experience, those bought first aid kits for pets are great because they include all of the essentials. This allows you to save some time and get a first aid kit with all the necessary components.

Now, you may ask me why you should make your own pet first aid kit and not buy one. The answer is simple, some owners like to have things under their control. They want to assemble their ultimate first aid kit and in many cases, those home-made kits can include bonus and better quality components that may come in handy. Remember that first aid kits that you can buy will only come with the essentials.

Here is the list of these pet first aid kits that suitable for guinea pigs if you are interested (we also mentioned them at the beginning of the article):


With all this in mind, you can now craft your guinea pig first aid kit. Be sure to consult your vet and see if you have the necessary components, as well as necessary remedies, in case you need it. Our list for first aid guinea pig kit contains all you need for treating the wounds and making your guinea pig healthy again.