Can Guinea Pigs Eat Rocket?

Rocket, also known as rucola, is a plant that is classified under the mustard family. This plant is found all over the world and eaten by many people and animals. It is either eaten alone or in combination with other veggies.

Now, can guinea pigs eat rocket? Yes, guinea pigs enjoy eating rocket. Try to give them rocket in limited portions and incorporation with other vegetables. Rocket has a peppery taste that is most definitely going to impress your guinea pig. If you have space around your home, you can plant rocket in your garden and have it ready for your guinea pig within a short time. Otherwise, you can get the veggies from your local store.

As we have seen above, guinea pigs can indeed eat rocket. And for this reason, it would be good to feed them this plant once in a while. Rocket has several benefits and nutrients that you probably didn’t know. So, why not check out the following info about this amazing herb.

Health Benefits of Guinea Pigs Eating Rocket

Garden rocket is highly beneficial to guinea pigs according to the following reasons:

  • Elimination of free radicals

The metabolic processes that take place in a guinea pig’s body may lead to the development of free radicals. These radicals, when accumulated in large numbers, can lead to cell damage and destruction of vital body organs. That is why they need to be controlled and reduced. Free radicals can equally lead to attack from diseases and infections if left to spread all over your pet’s body. The only sure way to deal with them is by the use of antioxidants, which are present in the rocket plant. These antioxidants counter the presence of free radicals in the body.

  • Helps in bone health and formation

The development of strong bones and teeth is vital to the survival of your guinea pig. That is why you need to feed it rocket due to the presence of several nutrients that aid in bone growth and formation. Vitamin K, which is found in a rocket, does a great job at maintaining healthy bones and teeth.

  • Rocket boosts the immune system

An excellent immune system equals a healthy and vibrant pet. Rocket happens to have several vitamins and minerals that contribute positively to a healthy and working immune system. For instance, through the presence of copper in a rocket can facilitate the creation of white blood cells in the guinea pig’s body. You should remember that white blood cells act as the shield of the body and aid in the fight against diseases and infections. Rocket also has vitamin C which is a great contributor to a strong immune system. It is a defensive vitamin in the sense that it clears diseases and infections in addition to guarding your guinea pig’s body.

  • Prevents inflammation

Swelling or rather an inflammation is a condition that is caused by the body’s reaction to infections and injury. It is a natural response that usually fades away after some time. But this is not always the case, as inflammation can get to chronic levels which cannot be controlled. Rocket has nutrients that help to prevent such an incident from occurring because when it gets to chronic stages, organs can get damaged.

  • Can improve metabolic processes

The B-complex vitamins that are found in the rocket can aid metabolic processes to a great extent in guinea pigs. Some of the metabolic processes that benefit from the B-complex vitamins include fat syntheses, cell activities, production of energy and red blood cells production.

  • Eyesight

Rocket has nutrients known as carotenoids which aid in eyesight and health. These nutrients can also reduce the chances of macular degeneration which mostly takes place as a result of age.

  • The plant may aid in weight loss

It is vital for you to control the weight of your guinea pig since it cannot do that on its own. Sometimes it comes down to the diet that your guinea pig is currently on. Foods that have high levels of calories are more likely to cause an increase in weight than those with low calories. Rocket has less calories than most of the other foods, and this makes it ideal for weight control. Besides, the rocket is also equipped with sufficient nutrients that can considerably contribute to weight loss and control.

Nutrition Facts of Rocket

Garden rocket is packed with several nutrients, and that is why it has numerous benefits for your guinea pig. Some of these nutrients include the following:

  • Vitamin C – this is a vitamin that aids with several functions in a guinea pig’s body. Among the many functions that vitamin C has is boosting the immune system and health. It is important to note that this is one of the most critical vitamins in the life of your pet since guinea pigs cannot naturally create nor store it in the body.


  • Vitamin A – this vitamin is essential in boosting good eyesight and vision.


  • Vitamin K – is useful in calcium synthesis together with boosting positive growth and development of bones and teeth.


  • Calcium – this is a mineral that aids in bone formation and growth.


  • Carotenoids – these are compounds found in the rocket that aid in the regulation of eye defects and general eye health.

Risks to Consider When Feeding Rocket to Guinea Pigs

There are very low risks associated with the consumption of rocket plant by guinea pigs. The only risk is the possibility of allergic reactions in your pet. Again this is something that is rare and doesn’t occur with every guinea pig. If you notice that your guinea pig is suffering from an allergic reaction, the best thing to do is to stop the feeding process and offer sufficient water. If it gets worse, you can consult a vet.

Quick Facts on Rocket

The following are some quick facts about this plant:

  • It has a life span of one year.
  • The rocket was popular in ancient Rome as it was used for medicinal purposes.
  • The seed pods, seeds, and flowers of the plant are equally edible.
  • Taramira oil is obtained from the seeds of the plant and is used for cooking.
  • It is used in the processing and manufacture of alcoholic drinks.
  • The term ‘rocket’ is given to the plant due to its ability to grow very fast.
  • This plant blooms during the summer or spring.
  • Rocket grows up to 40 inches in height.

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