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What can guinea pigs eat and not eat list

What Can Guinea Pigs Eat and Not Eat List – Owner’s Guide

When I first adopted my guinea pigs, I was utterly overwhelmed by the amount of information available on their care. After reading all the books and blogs, I still didn’t feel confident in my caretaking abilities. I discovered that guinea pigs could not manufacture vitamin C in their bodies, and they need constant sources of it to stay healthy. Most veterinarians recommend wholesome fruits, vegetables, and roughage to help your guinea pig maintain their health,...

How Much Do Guinea Pigs Eat

How Much Do Guinea Pigs Eat?

What is one of the first questions that come to mind, once you decide to get a new pet? Of course, the food-related question! Getting a guinea pig is an amazing idea. These cuddly and cute little friends will surely bring joy into your life. But how much do guinea pigs eat? And what do they eat? Certainly, you don’t want your pet to be hungry. But, at the same time, overeating can be an...