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Can Guinea Pigs Eat Lemons

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Lemons?

Lemons are very tasty and healthy fruit. They have a specific acidic taste, and the aroma and scent are refreshing and pleasant. We can have lemon juice or use it for taste in cocktails, or even eat it! Now, because this is a fruit, and guinea pigs are vegetarians, you would assume that they can eat a lemon, right? Let’s find out! Can guinea pigs eat lemons? Yes, guinea pigs can eat lemons, but in...

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Lavender

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Lavender?

Everyone knows what is lavender. And everyone likes it too! This gorgeous blue-purple flower is famous for its nice smell which creates a relaxation effect. We use lavender scents all the time; simply look at your cosmetics, sprays, perfumes, fabric softeners, lotions! But, can this flower be food for our herbivore guinea pigs? Let’s find out below. Can guinea pigs eat lavender? Yes, guinea pigs can eat lavender. This flower is edible, and humans can...

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Green Peppers

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Green Peppers?

Peppers are fruit but often mistaken for a vegetable. They belong to the nightshade family but still have a slight relationship with tomatoes, breadfruit, and chili peppers. Green peppers are eaten either raw or in some cases cooked. In other instances, they are even dried before consumption. So, can guinea pigs eat green peppers? Yes, guinea pigs can eat green peppers. Green peppers belong to the nightshade family which has different colors of fruits including...

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Green Apples

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Green Apples?

Guinea pigs are rapidly gaining love and attention from humans as pets. Every single day, someone adopts a guinea pig as a house pet. These cute little animals can eat most stuff which makes them easy to handle. No one wants a pet that is hard to control in the house. So, can guinea pigs eat green apples? Guinea pigs are fans of most fruits and vegetables, as we all know. Green apples are healthy...

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Dandelion Flowers

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Dandelion Flowers?

Dandelion flowers might be considered weeds, unwanted, but one thing for sure is that they are nutritious. Well, according to several studies, these weeds have been identified as some of the most nutrient potent weeds present. Now to our question, can guinea pigs eat dandelion flowers? Yes, they can. Dandelion flowers have a great taste and they also can be served as a whole meal for your cavy. Your guinea pig is bound to enjoy...

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Limes

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Limes?

Limes are a vibrant-green fruit with a bright green flesh, acidic lemon taste, and specific aroma. And it is like a green lemon, with just a few minor differences. We use limes for cooking and cocktails mostly, because it’s healthy and tasty too. But, is this fruit good for the guinea pigs? Let’s see below. Can guinea pigs eat limes? No, guinea pigs can’t eat limes. This fruit is acidic, but it has some sugar and...

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Little Gem Lettuce

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Little Gem Lettuce?

The little gem lettuce is a smaller version of the romaine lettuce and we use it in various salads. But, we also need to know if it’s good for our guinea pigs. This is a veggie, and guinea pigs love veggies, but as owners, we need to double check – even for veggies. Can guinea pigs eat little gem lettuce? Yes, guinea pigs can eat little gem lettuce. Many owners feed their guinea pigs little...

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Haylage.

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Haylage?

Today’s menu is one non-typical ‘food’ item for guinea pigs – the haylage. We know that guinea pigs can eat certain types of hay that benefit them a lot. And what about the haylage? And how does this differentiate between regular hay or similar ‘food’ items for some rodents? Can guinea pigs eat haylage? The answer is yes, guinea pigs can eat haylage, but it is only recommended for the fully grown guinea pigs. And,...

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Iceberg Lettuce

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Iceberg Lettuce?

When it comes to healthy nutrition, there is nothing better than fresh fruits and veggies for the guinea pigs. Even nutritionists and medical experts agree that fresh produce is the key to health and a well-balanced diet. Today we will talk about the iceberg lettuce and if it’s good food for the guinea pig. Can guinea pigs eat iceberg lettuce? The answer is: no. The iceberg lettuce is not extremely dangerous for the guinea pigs,...

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Grass

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Grass?

The grass has a huge family, and there are different types of grass in the world. Now, you are probably wondering, if you are allowed to give grass to your pet guinea pig? Let’s find out! Can guinea pigs eat grass? Well, guinea pigs can eat fresh fruits and vegetables. So, in essence, they can also eat grass. They enjoy eating grass, and this can even be their staple food if you are looking for...

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