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Can Guinea Pigs Eat Beans

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Beans?

Beans are a good source of nutrients for both animals and human beings. They have been for a long period and have become a household name in most homes. Back to the primary question for the article, can guinea pigs eat beans? Straight on, the answer to this question is yes they can. But you should try and regulate the number of beans that you feed your cute little guinea pig. Too many beans will...

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Ferns 

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Ferns? 

One of the most important things you need to know about the pet you have or the pet you want to get is their diet. Just like humans, animals need a balanced and healthy diet in order to prevent diseases and to live longer.  Now, guinea pigs are known for being picky eaters. Their digestive system doesn’t allow them to eat whatever we want to feed them. For starters, guinea pigs are not allowed to...

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Frozen Peas 

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Frozen Peas? 

Every guinea pig owner should know by now that guinea pigs are extremely sensitive animals in every sense. This also means they cannot eat anything you want to give them, so doing good research on things they can eat is needed.  The most common mistake owners do with their pets is to feed them whatever they are eating at the moment without putting thought into it. This is especially bad if you own a guinea...

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Fruit

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Fruit? 

Most people love having pets, but along with getting a pet, you will get more responsibilities. Diet is very important for pets, especially for the more sensitive ones, like guinea pigs.  Guinea pigs should never eat cooked food. They are allowed to eat just raw food, along with hay and pellets, which are rich sources of vitamins. Vegetables are, of course, allowed in their diet, but what about fruit?  Can guinea pigs eat fruit? Yes,...

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Horse Hay

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Horse Hay?

It’s a known fact that guinea pigs are vegetarians and herbivores. This means they consume things that usually grow from the ground, but some of these foods are not good for them – even when they are natural., So, keeping a guinea pig is not very simple. Yes, their nutrition seems easy to handle; fruits and veggies, and all other growing things, right? Not exactly, there are other types of foods which are not fruit...

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Honey

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Honey?

Nature offers many different super-tasty foods. Fruits and veggies are not the only tasty thing from nature, there is also sweet and tasty honey. Honey is the heavenly nectar which works as a possible substitute for anything sweet. Yes, when we crave something sweet we can always reach for some honey, regardless of what we feel like eating. The honey is such a versatile product, and it’s also a great substitute for white sugar, chocolates,...

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Honeydew Melon

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Honeydew Melon?

There is nothing better than refreshments in between meals, like let’s say, fresh fruit or veggie. For example, there is nothing better than a piece of honeydew melon during the summer days! Sweet, hydrating, refreshing, juicy – the best natural dessert ever. It’s not just tasty, but it’s healthy too and we humans have many benefits from eating these melons. But, does the guinea pig like this fruit? Or is it beneficial for the guinea...

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Ice Cream

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Ice Cream?

It’s time for ice cream! Can we all agree that everyone loves ice cream? Yes! There’s not one single person that would refuse ice cream, anytime, anywhere, whether it’s winter or summer. And even pets like such mouthwatering treats, but sadly they are not so healthy for them. Most animals do not digest the sugars or they get health issues afterward. Yet, we still give our adorable pets a taste of sweet treats once in...

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Green Onions (Scallions)

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Green Onions (Scallions)?

It is veggie o’clock! This means we need to feed our lovely pet guinea pig with some fresh vegetables. Today’s menu is the green onion, also known as a scallion. This veggie is relatively versatile and can be consumed raw or cooked, in many ways. Cavies are all about vegetarian foods and herb-root foods, and green onion belongs in these food categories. But, even among fresh produce foods, there are food items that must be...

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Garlic

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Garlic?

So, it is time to feed our guinea pigs! If you have a guinea pig, you know how fun the feeding time is – the lovely furball cuties will munch whatever you give them, but should we give them just about anything? Our adorable cavies are vegetarians and herbivores, which means they like fresh produce like fruits and veggies, but also they like some roots, herbs, even flowers. And what do you think about the...

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